Atlanta Gummy Bear Implants

At Swan Center For Plastic Surgery, we are always looking to diversify our patients’ options when it comes to cosmetic enhancement. Ultra Cohesive gel implants are just one of many options available to women looking to augment the size and shape of their breasts.

These “gummy bear” models have evolved and improved offering women a form-stable alternative to the silicone and saline implants currently on the market. The important thing to keep in mind is that while the implant has been referred to as a “gummy bear” because of the ability to maintain it’s shape like the popular candy, it is only a metaphor to help patients understand the feel of the implant.  It also illustrates that if the implant ruptures, the contents will not leak out.

Current silicone implants are made of cohesive silicone; however, the ultra cohesive gel implants under scrutiny use a higher density gel than currently in use. It acts like a soft solid, more likely to retain its shape if the shell of the implant is ever compromised or rupture.

The surgeons at The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery have participated in the clinical trials of the these ultra cohesive implants over the past 7 years.  We offer Mentor’s contour profile gel implants to the patients who qualify for the continuing trial.

  • The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery is among the top 5 practices in the U.S. based on the number of breast augmentations performed.
  • Pioneers in the industry.
  • All of our plastic surgeons are board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Our plastic surgeons collaborate nationally with other surgeons on techniques and developments