Dr. Bauer Patient Reviews

Below, you will find reviews for Dr. Joseph Bauer, founder of and surgeon at The Swan Center.

July 19, 2022
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I had surgery with Dr. Bauer and had an amazing experience!

I had surgery with Dr. Bauer and had an amazing experience!! My results are just as expected and I’m so happy. I now go to the girls in the spa for all of my injections and all of their other fun services. Love this place!!!

—Kathleen Jackson

April 11, 2021
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This is the best place to go for plastic surgery.

I’m going for my second surgery at the Swan Center. My first was in 2008 with Dr. Bauer. I was totally satisfied with my breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck. May I will be having surgery with Dr. Fardo for a facelift and I’m very excited. This is the best place to go for plastic surgery.

—Linda Dunlap

February 21, 2021
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Absolutely amazing experience.

Absolutely amazing experience. Dr. Bauer and his entire staff are outstanding. From the first reply to an online question about breast reduction to my 3 month post op appointment tomorrow I have received “concierge” attention and care. Most importantly, regained confidence and comfort in my day to day life! Shout out to Kennedy for “hearing” my goals and coming up with an option that was way above what I even knew was possible! I would highly recommend

—Jill Snelling

June 30, 2020
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I’m so happy I did my research…

I’m so happy I did my research and went with the Swan Center. I went for a breast augmentation and my breasts look natural, and just flawless! Dr. Bauer and his team is the best!

—Fabiola Perez

January 3, 2020
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The BEST in the Business!!!

Dr Bauer revised my 1987 breast augmentation in 2001 and I could not have been happier! Fast forward almost 19 years (2019) and I had him perform another breast revision. The results are outstanding!!! I am a month out of surgery and wow!! He is a perfectionist and it shows in his work. The staff, OR nurses, anesthesiologist and Dr Bauer are the most caring professional group in the business.


December 19, 2019
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Doctor did a good job…

Doctor did a good job. My scar was very minimal. Everyone thought it looked very natural.

—Actual Patient

December 14, 2019
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Dr. Bauer’s bedside manner…

Dr. Bauer’s bedside manner was exceptional. The nurse, Tammy, was so easy to talk to. They had great attention to detail and treated me and my situation individually. They listened to my story. We are so grateful for our experience which confirmed our decision to come back to Dr. Bauer for this procedure after he did my breast augmentation years ago.

—Actual Patient

December 5, 2019
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The staff is great…

The staff is great. Doctor Bauer makes me feel very confident about the surgery. They give a lot of options on how to proceed with my surgery.

—Actual Patient

December 3, 2019
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The staff was friendly, helpful…

The staff was friendly, helpful, resourceful, and answers all my questions.

—Actual Patient

November 21, 2019
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The overall experience was…

The overall experience was phenomenal. Dr. Bauer was an absolute pleasure he’s definitely an artist. Currently, I’m still in the healing stages of my surgery but I’m excited to see the final results. The team was very exceptional and very friendly.

—Actual Patient