Where Should I Go for the Best Liposuction Results in Metro Atlanta?

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A beautifully proportioned body can make you feel great and look fabulous—and our board-certified plastic surgeons are known for helping patients achieve balanced, natural-looking results. Our practice has been recognized as the “Best Plastic Surgery Center for the Tummy/Midsection” by Best Self Atlanta for the natural, sculpted results our surgeons can achieve.

We have also been honored for “Best Non-Surgical Body Sculpting” by My John’s Creek and My Alpharetta magazines. Whether you are interested in surgery or a less invasive approach, we have the body contouring expertise to give you the results you desire.

Meet Your Body Contouring Specialists

Dr. Joseph Bauer

Dr. Joseph Bauer

Board-Certified Plastic & General Surgeon

Dr. Bauer is a highly respected double board-certified plastic surgeon and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. His attentive bedside manner and commitment to patient safety and exceptional, natural-looking results attract patients from all over the world.

Meet Dr. Bauer
Dr. Cristen Catignani

Dr. Cristen Catignani

Board-Certified Plastic & General Surgeon

A mom and a mommy makeover expert, “Dr. Cat” loves empowering her female patients. Her meticulous skill and friendly, supportive personality have endeared her to patients and earned her multiple “Best Plastic Surgeon” awards for body contouring surgeries.

Meet Dr. Cat
Dr. Dean Fardo

Dr. Dean Fardo

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

An 11-time Vitals’ Patient Choice award winner, Dr. Fardo treats every patient as if they were family. He ranks in the top 10% of RealSelf doctors for patient satisfaction and is known for his specialized body contouring techniques and minimally invasive approach.

Meet Dr. Fardo

Who Are the Best Candidates for Liposuction Surgery?

If you’re like most people, you still have stubborn areas of unwanted fat despite a nutritious diet and regular exercise. By selectively removing fat from your problem areas, liposuction can help you reduce fat deposits while enhancing your overall proportions. Liposuction can help a wide range of patients, but your results are likely to be more satisfying if you can answer “yes” to most of these questions:

  • Am I happy with my current body weight? Liposuction can reduce fat pockets for a better shape, but it is not a weight-loss procedure.
  • Do I have specific deposits of fat I want to target? The happiest patients are those who want to spot-reduce in specific areas.
  • Is excess skin the real issue? Liposuction targets localized areas of fatty tissue and removes fat cells from the body. If excess skin is your main concern, you may be a better candidate for a tummy tuck, arm lift, or other procedures that address excess skin.
  • Am I a healthy non-smoker? Smoking increases surgery risks, slows the healing process, and can jeopardize results. If you do smoke, surgery may not be a good option for you unless you are willing to stop smoking at least 1 month before and after any operation.

Your Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction uses a specialized instrument called a micro-cannula to selectively remove excess fat beneath the skin. The incisions are very small—typically a half-inch or smaller—and are placed inconspicuously in the body’s natural contours.

All three of our board-certified plastic surgeons are experienced in multiple liposuction technologies, including tumescent liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction. Both procedures produce safe, predictable, and beautiful results; however, in special situations, the ultrasonic technique may offer better results.

Not only did my results exceed my expectations, but the staff also became like a family to me… You can rest assured you are in good hands.

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Tumescent Liposuction

In tumescent liposuction, one of our surgeons injects the areas to be contoured with a tumescent solution. In addition to making the fat firmer and easier to remove, this solution acts as a local anesthetic and long-term analgesic.

Once the fat is ready for removal, your surgeon inserts a micro-cannula to break up the fat and suction it out. This popular liposuction technique can be used all over the body and has minimal recovery time.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction is an advanced body contouring technique that uses ultrasound energy to liquefy fat prior to removal through traditional liposuction methods. Dr. Fardo specializes in this technique and uses it to treat particularly fibrous areas such as the upper back, abdomen, and flanks (love handles) and for male breast reduction (gynecomastia).

This gentler technique leaves the surrounding tissues and blood vessels unharmed, leading to less bruising and discomfort overall.

Fat Transfer

You can enhance your liposuction procedure by redistributing your fat to another part of the body. After reducing fat in the chosen area (typically the abdomen, hips, flanks, or thighs) using liposuction, the fatty tissue is then purified and injected into an area where you want fullness, such as the buttocks, breasts, or face. 

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What Are the Most Popular Uses for Liposuction?

The most popular areas to target for fat reduction and body contouring include the following:

  • Abdomen
  • Axilla
  • Back/Bra Roll
  • Chin/Neck
  • Hips/Flanks
  • Lateral Breasts
  • Thighs
  • Upper Arms

Our surgeons understand that men and women have different cosmetic goals and need a specialized approach to achieve their ideal body contours. That’s why we also perform liposuction for men.

Enhancing Other Procedures With Liposuction

Liposuction may be used in tandem with other surgical procedures, such as tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), mommy makeover, and breast reduction surgery. It can also complement Aveli™ cellulite reduction treatments by removing excess fat on the buttocks and thighs for a smoother, more contoured result. Each procedure is tailored to your needs and aesthetic goals.

What Are Some Alternatives to Liposuction Surgery?

Although not as targeted and predictable as liposuction, CoolSculpting® can help you achieve stunning, natural results and boost your confidence without surgery, needles, or downtime. This fat-freezing technology uses targeted cooling to break down fat cells in nearly any area of the body, leaving you with a slimmer contour.

Here at The Swan Center, we have multiple CoolSculpting machines and the latest generation of applicators so that we can treat more areas of your body in less time than ever. Many patients begin seeing changes within just a few weeks after their first session, but additional treatments may be recommended to meet your goals.

What Is Liposuction Aftercare & Recovery Like?

The majority of liposuction patients undergo an easy and straightforward recovery and are back to their normal routines in about a week. This depends, of course, on the extent and location of surgery and your individual healing process.

Discomfort is typically minimal; liposuction tends to produce more general soreness than any pain. A special compression garment will help support the area and minimize post-operative swelling. Light exercise can be resumed within 2 or 3 weeks for most patients.

Our surgeons have developed specific protocols to help you optimize your recovery period. They will provide detailed post-operative instructions and be available for your questions or concerns.

What Are the Risks of Liposuction?

Liposuction is minimally invasive and boasts high patient satisfaction rates, but it is still surgery and carries some risks. Complications like blood clots and hematomas are rare but possible. An inexperienced surgeon is more likely to produce cosmetic complications like visible contour irregularities—lumps, bumps, and rippling.

Working with one of our experienced board-certified plastic surgeons greatly increases your chances for a safe, smooth operation and long-lasting results you’ll love. Dr. Fardo, Dr. Cat, and Dr. Bauer have the expertise and skill to deliver a premium body contouring experience.

Will I Have Scars After Liposuction?

Many liposuction patients are understandably concerned about the type of incisions they should expect. Thankfully, modern liposuction techniques have vastly improved.

Previously, traditional liposuction involved making a fairly large incision to accommodate a large tube (a cannula) which was inserted into the skin and moved around vigorously to loosen and then suck out the excess fat with a powerful vacuum. Today, plastic surgeons most commonly perform liposuction using a much smaller, endoscopic-size cannula. If liposuction scars do occur, they will be minimal and should fade quickly with proper scar care.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Atlanta?

The cost of your liposuction surgery will vary depending on several factors, including the amount of fat to be removed, the areas to be treated, and the complexity of the procedural technique. We can offer you a “ballpark” fee estimate for liposuction and other surgical procedures when you contact our office.

After your complimentary cosmetic surgery consultation, you will be given an individual plastic surgery fee quote that is valid for 30 days. We also offer multiple financing and payment options for our patients’ convenience.

Achieve Your Dream Physique

To learn more about liposuction in North Georgia, we invite you to browse our before-and-after photo gallery or review our educational blogs on the procedure. You can also contact our Alpharetta office for a FREE consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

Serving patients from North Atlanta, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, John’s Creek, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and out of town, the surgeons at The Swan Center will work closely with you to help you get the body shape you desire.