Breast Reduction in Atlanta

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) corrects unusually large or sagging breasts, which can interfere with normal body function and physical activity. Overly large breasts can cause chafing, chronic back pain, postural problems, breathing difficulties, bra strap indentations and more. Female athletes also are amongst the women most likely to seek the procedure, as even moderately large breasts can feel like a burden and hinderance to performance.

While many women seek breast reduction simply to reduce discomfort or have more freedom, our plastic surgeons are also dedicated to creating a pleasing new shape for the breasts. Often viewed as reconstructive procedure, breast reduction surgery can in fact also improve the shape of the breasts and aesthetics of the areola and nipple areas.

While recovery from breast reduction is more significant than many procedures, it still rates as one of the highest satisfaction surgeries, with RealSelf ‘s “worth it” rating from consumers consistently hovering in the 98% range.

From the first reply to an online question about breast reduction to my 3 month post op appointment tomorrow I have received “concierge” attention and care. Most importantly, I regained confidence and comfort in my day to day life!

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Planning for Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is done under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis or in the hospital, depending on the degree of reduction and specifics of your health. At The Swan Center, we only use board certified MD anesthesiologists for your safety.

Breast reduction incisions usually encircle the nipple-areolar complex and then extend down vertically down the breast, around to the fold under your breast. (During your consultation, your surgeon will go into detail about the exact shape of the incisions required to achieve the improvement you are seeking.) After the incisions are made, your doctor then removes excess breast tissue, fat, and skin. The nipple-areolar complex is then moved up to its new position and the surgeon creates the new shape of the breasts, and closes the incisions.

Recovery from Breast Reduction

Breast reduction recovery can be smooth and comfortable with good planning and following doctor’s orders.The good news is we will give you detailed, personalized instructions detailing all the best practice for recovery and preserving your results.

After surgery, you’ll need to be driven home by a friend, and any initial pain will be controlled with medication. It will be important to rest at home for a number of days, avoiding all physical activity. You will be likely to be able to return to work in a week to ten days, if your job doesn’t require physical activity, especially in the upper body.

Exercise must be avoided for about a month, depending on the type of activity. Wait for permission from your doctor for any heavier lifting or exercise involving the chest; it may be a few more weeks post-surgery before that is safe.

For the first 4-6 weeks, you’ll need to consider your bras carefully. We’ll give you instructions regarding wearing a good sports bra or other very supportive, non-underwire bra while you heal. You’ll probably be excited to go shopping for smaller bras and new clothing styles, but be sure your doctor has given the OK before you try on any underwire bras or similarly structured garments, as they could affect healing and your final results.

When you’ll see final results

Your breast shape will continue to improve as swelling diminishes and your body completes the healing process. While you’ll get immediate relief from the weight of your breasts, expect to see your final new breast shape at about the six month mark. Your scars will seem red and quite visible at first, but they will fade over time. It’s important to know you’ll always have the scars from the surgery, but with proper care, the scars will become quite faint after a year or so.

With your new smaller, lighter breasts, your breasts won’t keep you from the sports and exercise you love, you’ll have new options for clothing, and the pain of having large breasts will be eliminated. Many breast reduction patients also appreciate the fact that people don’t seem to direct so much attention to their breasts, which allows them “forget” about their bodies for the first time, and feel much more confident interacting with others.