Fat Transfer to Breast Atlanta

A natural way to add volume and shape to your breasts without implants

For women who are unhappy with the overall shape and size of their breasts, safe options for augmentation have traditionally been limited to breast implants. But what about those who don’t want breast augmentation with implants and would rather have an alternative option?

Here at The Swan Center, we pride ourselves on upholding exceptional safety standards—including working with breast implant manufacturers with a long history of proven device safety. And while we have helped thousands of women feel more confident with their breasts through the placement of breast implants, we understand that they aren’t for everyone.

How does Atlanta fat transfer breast augmentation work?

Essentially, fat transfer is exactly what it sounds like: fat is taken from one area of your body and used to enhance another area. Fat transfer is commonly used to fill out wrinkles and add volume to the face or to enhance the buttocks. Similarly, fat transfer to the breast involves re-injecting fat strategically into the breast to provide a fuller, more shapely appearance.

During your consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss what your optimal outcome looks like. Taking this into consideration, your surgeon will examine you to determine both how much fat will be needed to augment your breasts as well as where the fat will be taken from. Normally, we harvest fat from common trouble areas, such as the tummy or hips, but we will need to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of fat to provide you with a great result.

Harvested fat is carefully and precisely injected into specific areas of the breast to increase fullness, round out the upper breast, and correct any asymmetry for a natural, proportionate look.

What is the fat transfer to the breast procedure like?

After you’ve had your consultation, determined fat transfer to the breast is the right choice for you with the guidance of your plastic surgeon, and booked your procedure, it’s time to start planning. On surgery day, you’ll want a designated driver to bring you in to our private, accredited on-site surgical suite. You’ll meet with your surgeon and OR team before the procedure to go over the basics and review the plan.

Everyone’s ultimate goal is to tailor to your specific needs and guide you in the journey of finding your best self and inner beauty. I can only say I had wish I found them sooner! I’ve recommended all of my friends and family to the Swan Center, as it is GA’s best plastic surgery center by far!

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Under the care of a board certified anesthesiologist, you’ll be placed under general anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Your surgeon will begin by making small incisions in the area where fat will be extracted, through which they will use a special hollow liposuction needle (cannula) to strategically remove fat and sculpt an attractive contour. This fat will then go through a special processing procedure where healthy fat cells are separated from other fluids.

Once the fat has been purified, it will then be carefully injected into the breasts to create a full, shapely appearance.

What is recovery like after fat transfer to the breasts?

Recovery after fat transfer to the breast is typically shorter and more comfortable than breast augmentation with breast implants. After a brief recovery time, your designated driver will be able to take you home so you can rest and begin healing.

For the first few days, it’s normal to experience swelling, bruising, and tenderness around the areas where liposuction was performed, as well as at the injection sites on your breasts. You will be given a prescription for oral pain medication, though most of our patients can switch to an over-the-counter pain reliever in just a day or two. Breast tenderness is typically short-lived, though you may experience mild pain in the liposuctioned areas for around a week.

Most normal activities like going to work, running short errands, or doing light housework can be resumed in about five to seven days, though you’ll want to skip the gym for at least two weeks to make sure your body has sufficient time to heal.

Will my fat transfer to the breast results look natural?

Yes! While fantastic results can be achieved with breast implants, fat transfer to the breasts arguably provides the most natural breast augmentation results for patients looking for a modest size increase. Because your own fat is used, your augmented breasts should feel and look just like natural tissue.

For the first few weeks after surgery, you may feel like your breasts are larger than you had anticipated. This is normal, as your surgeon will add enough fat to account for the reabsorption that will occur. A unique benefit of fat grafting to the breast over breast augmentation with breast implants is the overall improvement of your body contours. By slimming one area while enhancing another, we are able to give you a beautiful, balanced shape that highlights your augmented breasts and helps you feel a boost in confidence.

It’s important to note that there are limitations to how much volume we can add to the breasts with fat versus breast implants. For patients who want to increase their breast size dramatically, breast implants remain the most viable option.

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