Breast Implant Revision in Atlanta

Every woman deserves to love her breasts…even if it takes a second try

Every year, thousands of patients get implants, and most are thrilled with their results. But if you’re one of the women who doesn’t love the results of your breast augmentation, don’t despair: you’re not alone, and we can help. As one of the longest-standing and most reputable breast surgery practices in the US, women often come to us for help with corrective surgery. In fact, it’s one of our areas of special expertise and we would love to talk with you about your options.

Common reasons women want breast implant revision

Whether due to unsatisfactory results from prior breast augmentation surgery or a desire for a different look or size than originally sought, the decision to have corrective breast surgery is incredibly personal—and there are many different reasons a woman may choose to have breast implant revision. Here are a few of the most common.

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Complications after surgery

In recent years, breast implant complications have become increasingly rare. However, they do sometimes happen. These complications can occur as a result of error during surgery, while you are healing, or even many years after your procedure. Typical breast implant complications that may require a surgical correction include:

Breast Implant Displacement (“Bottoming Out”)

This condition occurs when the breast implant falls beneath your natural breast crease, creating an over-full appearance in the lower half of the breast, the illusion of unnaturally high nipples, and a deflated looking upper breast.

Symmastia (“Bread Loafing”)

Symmastia occurs when breast implants extend too closely to the middle of the chest, causing them to appear fused in a bread loaf-like appearance. It is often the result of implants placed too far toward the center of the chest during surgery or if chosen breast implants are simply too wide for the patient’s body frame and chest wall.

Capsular Contracture

This condition can become quite painful for patients who experience it. When breast implants are placed, a capsule of scar tissue naturally forms around it as your body heals. Capsular contracture occurs when this capsule shrinks and begins putting pressure on the implant, leading to discomfort, a firmness of the breast, and a distorted appearance.

Double Bubble

If the bottom of your breast implant falls behind your inframammary fold (natural crease under your breast), rather than in alignment with it, an indentation or fold will appear across the breast implant. This results in the appearance of two breast creases: your natural crease, which is falling too high on the breast implant, and then a second crease where the bottom of the implant rests.

Your aesthetic preferences have changed

As we move through life, it’s totally normal to change—and your preferences when it comes to your breasts are no different. After your original breast augmentation, you may have experienced big life changes, such as having a child or weight fluctuation, that impacted your breasts (or the way you feel about them), or you simply may have decided you’d be happier with a different look. It is okay if the look you hoped for with your first procedure just isn’t the look you’d like now. Many of our breast revision patients would like to change the size of their implants or are interested in trying newer generations of implants to achieve a more natural look and feel.

What to expect during breast revision surgery

The first step in the breast revision process is to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in corrective breast surgery. During a private consultation, your surgeon can listen to your concerns, examine the condition of your breasts and implants, and help you understand your options.

The techniques used for your breast revision will depend on your unique concerns. Some complications can be addressed without having to remove or replace the implant; however, most of the time we recommend swapping the original breast implants out with new implants that may better meet your needs.

Choosing an expert touch for your breast revision

Breast implant revision requires a keen eye for aesthetics, a commitment to staying abreast of new and innovative procedures, and the ability to develop and apply problem-solving techniques. As one of the leading cosmetic practices in the Southeast with a respected expertise in breast procedures, the Swan Center plastic surgeons are known for their unique problem-solving surgical techniques. They are often called upon by their colleagues to assist patients who are unhappy with the outcome of their original surgery.

If you would like to know more about your options or find out how breast revision could help you, we encourage you to contact our office and schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons. For revision cases, there is a consultation fee of $250.