Atlanta Breast Lift Surgery

Restore a Shapely Appearance to Your Breasts

Every woman deserves to be happy with her breasts. Unfortunately, time, aging, pregnancy, and weight fluctuation can all impact the shape and position of your breasts—including reduced volume in the upper breast, sagging tissue, and drooping nipples.

If you’re concerned with sagging breasts or wish to restore a more youthful shape, breast lift surgery may be a great option for lifting and reshaping your breasts.

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Dr. Cat is our resident dynamo, and she works hard to help women look and feel amazing through compassionate care, the latest surgical techniques, and a devotion to superb, natural-looking results.

As a busy mom with a successful cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Cat has seen both sides of the story. She knows how it feels to want to reclaim your sense of self—and she loves nothing more than helping moms approach life with a bit more confidence, vitality, and a head-turning new look. Learn all about mommy makeovers with a little expert insight from Dr. Cat or contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

How You Can Benefit From a Breast Lift

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I unhappy with the way my breasts look after pregnancy, weight fluctuation, or aging?
  • Have I lost volume in my upper breast?
  • Are my breasts drooping or sagging?
  • Do my nipples point downward, past my breast fold?
  • Do my breasts look asymmetrical?
  • Would I like to restore a more shapely, perkier appearance to my breasts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a great candidate for breast lift surgery. Many patients come in thinking they want a breast lift, but would benefit most from breast augmentation or a combination of both procedures. That’s why it’s important to speak with a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast enhancement procedures to determine which options are best suited to your needs and desired results.

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I feel beautiful and natural and my confidence in my physical appearance has completely been restored following surgery. The recovery was easy to manage and I felt very supported by my surgeon (Dr. Cat) and the nursing staff before, during, and after the procedure.

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Your Atlanta Breast Lift Procedure

Your breast lift will be performed under general anesthesia at our accredited surgical suite, and you will be able to return home the day of your procedure. Your surgeon will make one of a few incisions, depending on the severity of sagging to be corrected and the options chosen during your consultation:

Crescent Lift

The crescent lift will likely be recommended if you have minimal sagging. Your surgeon will make just one incision along the top edge of the areola, where it will be nicely hidden by the natural pigment of your skin in the area. This method is usually used when a breast implant is also being placed.

Peri-Areolar Lift

For patients who have mild sagging but could still benefit from a lift, we often suggest the peri-areolar or “doughnut” lift. This technique involves placing an incision around the entire outer edge of the areola, like the shape of a doughnut. The resulting scar is barely visible.

Vertical Lift

Also known as the “lollipop” lift, this technique is most often used to improve moderate sagging in patients who would benefit from more extensive reshaping of the breast. Your surgeon will place an incision both around the outer edge of your areola and vertically from the edge of the areola to the inframammary fold, in the shape of a lollipop.

Anchor Lift

We typically only recommend the anchor lift if you require more dramatic reshaping to improve significant breast sagging. For this technique, three incisions will be placed: one around the areola, one from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease, and one along the inframammary fold, in the shape of an anchor.

Diagram republished with Permission from Parker Center for Plastic Surgery.

Whichever type of breast lift is recommended for you, your surgeon will remove excess skin, reshape the breast to a more pleasing contour, and lift the breast to a youthful position. In some cases, the position of your nipple and areola may also be moved higher to complement your new, youthful breast shape.

How much does a breast lift in Atlanta cost?

The cost of your breast lift surgery at The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery will depend on your individual needs and goals, as well as the surgical technique needed to achieve the results you desire. In general, our prices for breast lift surgery begin at $6,700. For a breast lift/augmentation combination procedure, you will also need to factor in the cost for breast implants.

How much does an Atlanta breast lift cost? Total costs for breast lift surgery with one of our board certified plastic surgeons at The Swan Center begin at $6,000, and vary depending on your individual needs and goals. We’ll provide an itemized fee quote at your consultation.

Many of our patients finance their procedures, while others save up for it in advance. Our cosmetic consultations are free, and we can help you get approved for easy and convenient patient financing, so there is no need for you to put off your procedure if you’re ready to improve your breast shape now!

Breast Lift Aftercare

After your procedure, once you have fully recovered from the general anesthesia, you will be able to return home. We recommend taking it easy for a few days, though we also encourage patients to walk for short periods of time daily. You will likely experience some tenderness at the incision sites and a bit of swelling, though discomfort is easily managed with prescription pain medication. Reaching and stretching should be limited for up to three weeks, though normal, non-strenuous activity is typically resumed within seven to ten days.

You should notice an immediate improvement in the shape and position of your breasts as swelling recedes, with final results taking place over the course of around six months.

To find out more about your options for breast lift surgery in Atlanta, contact us to schedule a personalized consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons. We would love to help you understand your options, answer any questions you may have, and design a surgical treatment plan that will help you achieve safe and successful results.