Reshaping the Art of Body Contouring: It’s All About You

Beauty standards are changing, and for the better. No longer are we hearing from every beauty and fitness magazine that becoming model-thin should be our goal, if that is not how our body is already built. What’s more important is treating your body well and doing what you need to feel healthy and confident in your appearance. You may be surprised that our Atlanta plastic surgeons have always shared this “new” line of thinking.

To us, body contouring is all about helping patients make the most of what already makes them beautiful. We believe in sculpting the body thoughtfully, enhancing a patient’s natural assets while minimizing aspects of their appearance they don’t like.

Our goal is to help you feel proud of the body you have. We achieve this by customizing procedures to match your unique vision and respecting your natural beauty.

Shape matters more than size—and leads to lasting results

Focusing on shape and proportion—not dress size or “thinness”—with body contouring procedures will always yield a more personalized and flattering result. For example, expertly performed liposuction can sculpt away fat in just the right places to smooth bulges, reveal toned musculature, and create a more slender waistline, helping you look and feel more fit, even without a dramatic overall size reduction.

Maintaining the integrity of a patient’s shape doesn’t just look better, the beauty of your results will last longer too. That’s because, while a procedure can reduce fat or tighten an area, it cannot stop weight fluctuations or the natural aging process. Working with your natural shape ensures that your improvements will continue to look great even as nature takes its course.

Enhancing your assets vs. only reducing “problem areas”

Body contouring isn’t just about “fixing” perceived flaws, it’s also about enhancing features you already love. One of our favorite procedures for patients wishing to play up curvy hips, reveal hard-earned abs, or refine upper arms is ultrasonic liposuction. This specialized lipo technique allows us to “melt” the fat in an area first, so we can remove it very precisely in areas where you want fine-tuned sculpting.

Combination procedures also can work wonders to enhance what you love about your body. For example, breast augmentation is tops for boosting upper body proportions; this alone can help your waist look more trim by comparison. Combining breast augmentation with liposuction can help perfect the balance between your proportions to play up hourglass curves.

Small changes can make a big difference

The fact that one of our most popular procedures at The Swan Center is CoolSculpting illustrates an important point: many patients only need minor changes to help them feel more confident in their appearance. CoolSculpting can help reduce isolated areas to refine your shape without surgery or downtime, making it perfect for those of you who are “almost there” in terms of satisfaction with your personal appearance.

Body contouring is personal. Come see us at The Swan Center to learn about your ideal options.

As one of Atlanta’s busiest plastic surgery practices, we have a lot of experience with the latest body contouring options, and we have helped thousands of patients of every shape and size achieve their goals and see their confidence soar. To learn what’s possible for you, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons. Call 770-214-4271 or contact us now to get started.

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