Is the BBL era over?

Group of laughing friends in AtlantaRumor has it the Kardashians are reversing their Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs for short), leading many commenters to ask, “Are BBLs going out of style?” Below, our Atlanta plastic surgery team weighs in on the status of the cosmetic butt enhancement trend.

Gorgeous curves will always be in style

Here’s our answer: buttock augmentation is not going anywhere any time soon! BBL is highly customizable and does not have to be used to create extreme, trendy results that may not stand the test of time. We believe that while the “moment” of over-the-top Kardashian booties might be over, proportionate buttock enhancement will always be in style.

At The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, we frequently see patients looking for a naturally curvier figure, rounder derriere, or better butt projection. Buttock enhancement is a wonderful procedure for balancing body proportions and emphasizing hourglass curves (which never go out of style). We perform two kinds of buttock enhancement—BBL via fat transfer and non-surgical injectable butt lifts, giving our patients more options to fit their lifestyle and their goals.

Buttock enhancement is a key body contouring tool for plastic surgeons

Our Atlanta board certified plastic surgeons believe a tailored procedure plan including buttock enhancement can help create an ideal shape when upper and lower body proportions are not harmonious. While subtractive procedures like liposuction can somewhat rebalance the figure, an additive procedure like BBL beautifully magnifies contours.

Safely performed, buttock augmentation is often an essential option for patients who desire a more shapely lower body.

Keep in mind that plastic surgeons are “agnostic” when it comes to procedure popularity and think instead of the overall shape the individual patient wishes to achieve. To create a complete result, plastic surgeons may also reach for a range of body contouring techniques, including tummy tuck, non-surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting®, and other lifting options, like arm lift. These procedures have remained popular for years on end because they are proven to help patients modify their shape and counteract the effects of childbearing, weight loss, or aging. We believe that BBL is also part of the canon of classic cosmetic procedures.

Like any body contouring procedure, buttock enhancement can be a key tool for plastic surgeons to help patients meet their goals. Here at the Swan Center, we will continue to offer buttock augmentation as an option as long as our patients continue to seek a more hourglass shape or voluminous, projected buttocks.

You have options: BBL surgery vs. non-surgical butt lift

Brazilian butt lift (BBL, or fat transfer to the buttocks)

Fat transfer to the buttocks, a.k.a. BBL, is a surgical buttock augmentation that takes place in two parts. First, liposuction is used on the waist, flanks, abdomen, or thighs to harvest fat. Then, the fat is placed carefully below the skin of the buttocks to enhance their projection and shape.

Before and after butt enhancement
Real patient shown 6 weeks After 360 degree liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks.

Benefits of a surgical BBL include:

  • A long-lasting solution in a single procedure
  • A comprehensive body contouring outcome, since liposuction of the waist (for example) is used to slim nearby features and help enhance the apparent projection of buttocks

While a traditional Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a powerful procedure, it also involves liposuction, a surgery usually performed under general anesthesia. This makes BBL best for patients who are looking for customized liposuction to reduce fat in other areas of the body, in addition to more volume in the buttocks. There are some risks associated with the BBL, and technique is absolutely critical to safety—so be sure to choose an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who uses proven fat transfer techniques, operates in an accredited facility, and has a reputation for being patient-oriented in their care.

Injectable butt lift (non-surgical)

Patients who would like to avoid surgery, and/or simply want to enhance their buttocks without the need for additional liposuction (or prefer using CoolSculpting instead!), can opt for a non-surgical “injectable butt lift.”

This buttock augmentation is performed with injectable products that help stimulate collagen production to gain desired enhancement. Our Atlanta plastic surgeons and Master Injectors use the products Radiesse® and Sculptra®, both of which are long-lasting formulas (up to 2 years after your final treatment). They work by increasing natural collagen production in your skin to offer even more improvement over time. This achieves gorgeous results without surgery, and without significant downtime.

Before and after Sculptra butt lift
28-year-old patient shown before & after 3 Sculptra Butt Lift Treatments at The Swan Center.

An injectable butt lift is perfect for either dramatic or more subtle enhancements: our expert providers fully customize each treatment to your desired shape, volume, and projection. Plus, the results are not permanent but last up to about 2 years, so you can easily personalize the amount of “bubble” or projection by deciding when to return for periodic touch-ups.

Schedule your butt augmentation consultation at The Swan Center in Atlanta

At The Swan Center, we are one of the few plastic surgery practices to offer our patients a non-surgical injectable butt lift option in addition to the BBL. This allows us to choose the best butt lift option to meet your goals. To learn if you may be a good candidate for gluteal enhancement, schedule your consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons today! Call 770-667-0904 or contact us online to receive a call back from our staff. We can’t wait to help you look and feel your most confident!

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