Kinds of Neck Surgery & What it Can Correct

There are two primary ways plastic surgery can help create a more attractive neck. If sagging skin is your main concern, neck lift is the procedure you’ll want to find out about. On the other hand, if your main worry is excess fat or a double chin, then liposuction of the neck or under the chin will likely be your best bet. If you have a combination of concerns, both types of neck contouring may be combined in one operation.

About Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lifts are most often performed as part of a Facelift. However, if you aren’t concerned about sagging through the face, a neck lift alone may be performed without a face lift. An isolated neck lift can improve the contour and angle of the neckline with only a small scar. Through a small incision under the chin, an experienced plastic surgeon can tighten the skin of the neck and thus better define the jawline.

Depending on whether or not your neck lift is done as part of a facelift, your recovery will vary quite a bit. If you are having a neck lift alone, expect to spend about a week recovering, resting at home. Final procedure results should be apparent at about the 3 month mark, with the small scar under the chin continuing to fade for a year or more. If you are having the procedure as part of a facelift, your recovery time frame and instructions will be like that of a full facelift.

About Neck Liposuction

Neck liposuction may be a good choice if your neck has excess fat deposits, and can be used to create a slimmer, more shapely neck. There are actually quite a few forms of liposuction, but the technique that is usually favored for neck contouring is called tumescent liposuction. During surgery, the surgeon injects sterile solution into your areas of concern, which causes the fat to swell and become firm. This enables the surgeon (using a liposuction micro cannula tool) to remove the fat more effectively.

Depending on how much fat you had removed, your recovery may require anywhere from a few days to a week. Final procedure results should be apparent at about the 3 month mark. Because the incisions are so small, they will be virtually undetectable after healing.