Atlanta Facelift

Look Like You – Only 10 Years Younger

Looking your very best every day can take enough effort as it is, but an aging face is hard to hide with even the most impeccable wardrobe and expert stylist. Sagging in the jowls, cheeks and neck can make a person appear tired and older than she feels. If you are bothered by facial aging, a facelift may be something to consider.

By repositioning facial tissues beneath the skin as well as removing excess, sagging skin on the lower face and neck, a facelift can dramatically reduces signs of aging without changing the essence of your facial appearance. This classic procedure can help take years off your appearance with results that age naturally with you, so you continue to look more youthful and rested as the years go by.

About the facelift procedure

Facelift surgery has come a long way since the days of Joan Rivers and the “pulled” look. Surgical techniques have improved significantly, meaning that a facelift with one of our plastic surgeons now does just what you want it to—help you look years younger, but exactly like yourself.

Today’s facelift involves three basic steps. First, the skin is separated gently from the underlying muscle and structural tissue, called the “fascia.” Next, this structural tissue is returned to a more natural, youthful position and secured with permanent sutures. This provides support for your newly rejuvenated face, so your skin can rest naturally over your features without adding too much tension (excessive skin tension can cause that “pulled” look). Finally, excess, loose skin is removed and the remaining skin is re-draped over the lifted facial tissues.

Incisions are made in hard-to-see locations, typically behind the hairline and in the natural creases around the ear. If you are having a neck lift too, you may have an additional small incision under the chin.

Mini facelifts in Atlanta

The MACS-Lift, also known as the mini facelift, produces comparable results to a regular facelift but with much less scarring and down time. The mini facelift is best suited for younger patients who have good skin tone, but are starting to see laxity in their lower face and jaw. The advantage to a mini facelift is that it can be tailored to meet specific isolated problem areas and, if performed early, can prevent signs of aging before they become readily apparent. It also offers shorter scars, reduced swelling, quicker recovery and costs less than the traditional face lift.

Facelift recovery & aftercare

Facelift surgery is an outpatient procedure at The Swan Center, so you will go home after surgery to continue resting at home. You’ll be wearing a bandage wrapped around the edge of your face, but you will be able to see, talk and eat just fine. Pain is usually minimal, and many patients are fine with Tylenol for comfort after just a day or two. While you’ll need to keep activity light for 2 or 3 weeks, you can resume most of your normal routine except for lifting and straining after a week or so.

Making your public debut

Certainly you are wondering when you will be able to go out in public without anyone knowing you had a facelift. It all depends on your comfort level, because we are fine with you going out as soon as you feel up to it, granted you take it easy. However, it takes about 2 weeks for post-op swelling and bruising to subside to the point where they are barely perceptible.

How we can enhance facelift results

While a facelift can do wonders for a more youthful look, the procedure concentrates on the cheeks, mid-face and jawline. If you, like many of our patients, are also concerned about a tired appearance to your eyes or a drooping “turkey neck,” a complementary procedure such as an eyelid lift or neck lift can be incorporated into facelift surgery for a more comprehensive, harmonious improvement.

And don’t forget about your skin! Even the most beautiful facelift results can be enhanced further non-surgical treatments including Botox, fillers, and skin resurfacing, which help restore a smoother, healthier skin surface by treating fine lines, sun damage, and dullness.

Come on in for a facelift consultation

We’ve been performing Facelifts in Atlanta since 1993. Our surgeons are experienced, board certified, and available to help you achieve a more youthful look. When you are ready, the best next step is to contact us for a free consultation.