Breast Lift with Augmentation in Atlanta

Lift, Reshape, & Add Volume to Your Breasts

Like women, breasts can change frequently throughout life. Weight fluctuation, genetics, aging, and pregnancy can all impact your breasts, and sometimes these changes can make you feel self-conscious. Many breast enhancement patients who visit us here at The Swan Center are considering either a breast augmentation to increase breast size or a breast lift to restore a more youthful shape and contour to the breasts. But did you know that many patients actually benefit most from a breast lift with a breast augmentation? Breast lift with augmentation combines both procedures to help you achieve increased volume, enhanced contour, and a more youthful shape.

Would You Benefit from Breast Lift with Augmentation?

If you’ve had children, gained or lost weight, or have noticed your breasts changing with age, you may be considering your breast enhancement options and which procedures would provide you with optimal results. A breast lift with augmentation can improve multiple concerns through one procedure by lifting your breasts to a more youthful position and placing breast implants to enhance volume and shape.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if you may be a good candidate for breast lift with augmentation:

  • Do my breasts look “deflated”?
  • Is a drooping breast appearance also causing my breasts to seem flatter?
  • Would lifting or tightening my breasts leave my breasts smaller than I prefer?
  • Is my upper breast lacking fullness?
  • Am I at or near my ideal weight and in general good health?

The best way to determine if a breast lift with augmentation will provide you with great results is to speak with one of our board certified plastic surgeons about your options. He or she will evaluate your breasts, discuss your concerns and goals with you, and design a surgical plan that provides you with results you’ll love.

I love the results of my surgery and I’m thankful I chose the best practice in Atlanta to work with! I have had the best bikini summer ever!

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Breast Lift with Augmentation Options

Determining that a breast lift with augmentation is the right procedure for you is only one decision of many. Together with your surgeon, you’ll explore your breast implant options and learn which breast lift technique is most appropriate for your needs. These decisions will all contribute to your final look, so it’s important to work closely with your surgeon and carefully consider their personalized recommendations—your natural anatomy, desired outcome, and personal health will all inform which options will work best for you. Below are a few options you can expect to discuss during your consultation.

Breast Implants

Thanks to advances in breast implant technology, you have more options than ever for achieving your perfect breasts. During your consultation and sizing session, you’ll have to consider more than just the size of your implants; you’ll also choose implant type, shape, profile, and placement. Taking into account your natural breasts and what look you are hoping for, we will help you pick out the perfect implants for you.

Breast Lift Techniques

You and your surgeon will also discuss which breast lift technique and incision type will work best for you. Depending on how much sagging needs to be corrected and the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed to provide optimal results, your surgeon will recommend a custom plan that provides the best results for you.

Whichever technique is recommended for you, your surgeon will place incisions as inconspicuously as possible, where they will be naturally camouflaged by your skin pigment or easily hidden by a bikini top or bra. Through these incisions, your surgeon will remove excess skin, lift and tighten remaining skin, place your chosen breast implants, and reposition the nipple areolar complex (if necessary).

After Breast Lift with Augmentation

When the desired results have been achieved, your incisions will be closed and we will place light dressings over them for protection. Typically, you can expect your procedure to take anywhere from two to four hours, depending on the extent of your surgery. Because this procedure is most often performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia, you will be able to return home the same day after the effects of anesthesia wear off.

It is normal to experience some soreness and swelling after your procedure, and we will prescribe oral pain medication to help you manage your discomfort. Most of our patients switch to an over-the-counter alternative, such as Tylenol, after just a few days. While you’ll likely begin feeling better and ready to return to work after about a week, you will need to avoid more strenuous activities and exercise for about four to six weeks.

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The First Step to a New You

If you’ve been considering enhancing your breasts, the first step is to schedule an appointment with an experienced breast surgeon. If you’re in the Atlanta area, contact us—we’ll set up a consultation between you and one of our knowledgeable, board certified plastic surgeons so you can hear more about your options, learn about our Atlanta plastic surgery center, and find out how a breast lift with augmentation can help you feel happy and confident in your breasts.