Squats Not Doing the Trick? Switch Up Your Workout if You Want a Better Booty

From Kim K to J Lo, the past decade has been all about booty awareness. Who doesn’t want a voluptuous butt? However, it’s not just about squats—obtaining a plump derrière naturally requires a little knowledge of your anatomy.

Women’s Health Magazine highlighted some of the ways you can shape up your bottom through simple strength training exercises.

Ham it up!

Contrary to popular belief, building a better booty isn’t just about the squats—you should also focus on your hamstrings. While squats help you build your glutes, the hamstrings support your glutes to stay perky. Personal trainer Kira Stokes says it best: “If your butt is the roof of your house, your hamstrings are the walls—and you can’t have a nice house without good walls.”

Your butt will looks its best with a combination of exercises that target both the upper thighs and the glutes. In short, by treating these areas as partners, you’ll get a healthy-looking bottom in no time.

Tried and true workouts

There are plenty of ways to increase hamstring strength that don’t require you to totally overhaul your workout routine. In addition to squats, begin adding in hamstring and lower back exercises, and you’ll likely begin to see a transformation taking place. Here are some tried and true moves to incorporate during your next trip to the gym.

Need a little help?

Have you attempted to build up your butt only to see zero change? Sometimes having a full butt is just not in the genetic cards, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with a flat butt. You have options to enhance your curves that will improve your proportions and bring the entire body into balance.

Today, you don’t even need surgery to create a beautiful bottom. Atlanta butt injections using Sculptra can help lift and shape your behind. On the other hand, if you want even more dramatic curves, liposuction can make your waist smaller (and butt appear larger in comparison), while breast augmentation can further enhance your beautiful contours.

Are your ready to love your shape even more in the new year? We can help! Contact us today to learn more about your options to getting a shapelier rump in 2018!

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