4 Ways Taking a Break from Alcohol Can Improve Your Appearance

Three women drinking alcohol-free green juice

Would you ever be willing to give up alcohol for 30 days? While it’s too late to pledge to a Sober October, you might still try having a sober Christmas or hop on the “dry January” bandwagon.

While responsible alcohol consumption is certainly pleasurable and can be compatible with a healthy lifestyle, periods of sobriety may yield some surprising benefits for your physical health (not to mention your appearance!).

1. Less alcohol = smoother skin

Did you know that saying no to happy hour can give you a more youthful look? This is largely due to the dehydrating effect of alcohol, which can age you beyond your years.

The more you drink, the more it dries out your skin—which can result in a rougher, more wrinkled appearance. By contrast, shelving alcohol in favor of water can hydrate and replenish your skin, leading to an overall healthier appearance. Don’t want to miss out at holiday parties? Try one of these refreshing mocktails to get in the spirit.

2. Abstaining from alcohol improves the health of your hair

As you think about how alcohol affects your body, don’t overlook the toll it can take on your hair. Just as alcohol can dehydrate your skin, so too can it leave your hair wanting for moisture and nourishment.

Frequently indulging in spirits can lead to dry and brittle hair, which can in turn cause split ends and even hair loss.

3. Planning a cosmetic procedure? Sobriety is necessary

One more reason to consider giving alcohol a break is that drinking can impede your body’s ability to properly heal, which is why sobriety is recommended for a certain amount of time before various surgical procedures.

We do everything in our power to ensure you will get outstanding results and advise that you refrain from certain behaviors, such as drinking alcohol and smoking, before surgery. The recommended timeframe for such changes to your lifestyle will be discussed upon consultation. Certainly, if you are slated to have a cosmetic procedure performed, we will provide you with guidelines to ensure a successful recovery and safeguard you from situations that could lead to postoperative complications.

During your consultation with one of our Atlanta plastic surgeons, they’ll give you specific instructions on when to stop drinking before your procedure and when you can plan a celebratory toast after your initial healing period has passed!

4. Reducing alcohol intake may decrease skin cancer risk

There is no shortage of information about how excessive alcohol negatively impacts your body, but recent research indicates that drinking may up your risk of developing skin cancer.

While there is no “smoking gun” showing alcohol consumption causes skin cancer, researchers are exploring what lifestyle choices can help reduce your risk—and a growing body of evidence shows that excessive drinking leads to DNA damage. This can in turn impede antioxidant formation and stifle the effects of the immune system, both of which can increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

More questions about personal habits and looking your best?

If you have any questions about how alcohol—or any other habits—can impact your personal appearance, or if you’ve decided you want to improve your look, we’d love to help! Contact us today to get started.

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