Here’s How to Give Yourself a Little Extra ❤ in 2017

Need a little “me time?” Life can be exhausting, between work, housework, kid wrangling, soccer games, and trying to ensure everything goes smoothly. And while it’s great to want to make those around you happy, stretching yourself too thin can take a big toll on both your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Sometimes you simply need to put everything else on hold for a minute to take care of number one: you. Not only will you feel better, you’ll also likely find yourself approaching your daily tasks with a renewed sense of purpose. Purewow recently highlighted some easy ways to practice self-care this year, and we couldn’t help but add a few of our own.

Woo yourself

Think about it: no matter what, you are the love of your life! Send yourself flowers, indulge in some rich chocolates, write love notes or affirmations to yourself, make a delicious dinner and watch your favorite movie. Single or taken, we all deserve a little extra love.

Act like time doesn’t exist

Ignore the errands, turn off your phone, and try living for the moment for at least a few minutes every day. Long day at work? Take a break outside in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. And at the end of the day, draw a bubble bath and read your favorite book—we promise the dishes can wait for once!

Splurge a little here and there

Life is short; pick some favorite little indulgences every month. If you’ve been eyeballing those cute red pumps, buy them! If you’re on a diet, cheat every now and then. As long as you truly relish those moments and resume your good habits, rebelling a bit won’t hurt—and it’ll make you feel great.

Make it a spa day

Slot some time in your schedule for a bit of pampering at least once a month. Do a whole body exfoliation, try out a hair mask, slather yourself in creams and serums, and don’t leave the bathroom until you’re well and truly relaxed. You could also take your pampering to the next level by booking a massage or getting a top-notch Atlanta skincare treatment to help you glow; a HALO laser treatment, chemical peel, or specialty facial are great places to start.

Remember: you’re awesome, and you deserve all the wonderful things that life has to offer!

Ready PureWow’s full list of 20 self-care tips here.

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