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Under or Over the Muscle for Saline Implants?

We get lots of questions from women with lots of different body types.  Every patient and body is characteristically different with unique individual needs, and we want to answer all your questions!  Throughout the month of August we want to address a few breast augmentation questions that come to us from several petite women in… Continue Reading »

Taste of the Holidays!

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Nothing prepares the senses for the holiday season like the tastes and smells of yummy spices, and nothing warms the soul like a delicious hot beverage! We are Starbucks aficionados here at The Swan Center and one of our favorite cravings is Chai Tea Latte! When the weekend rolls around, it’s a “kick your heels… Continue Reading »

Swan Beauty Secrets

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It’s Thursday morning and the swan girls are hard at work. We are drinking coffee (yes, coffee—no lattes today), applying lipstick, and trying to figure out what makes a “Swan” a “Swan.” The obvious answer is confidence, but we all agree there is more to it than that. Swans come in all shapes and sizes,… Continue Reading »

Tricks and Treatment in October

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Halloween isn’t just for children; we all love treats! Why not consider a convenient and non-invasive cosmetic procedure as a little trick-or-treat for you this month? These in office procedures require no downtime and will have you looking fresh for fall in as little as 30 minutes! Here’s a look at just a few of… Continue Reading »

Dr. Joseph G. Bauer, founder of The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery, participated in Mentor Worldwide’s LEAD (Leadership, Experience and Development) conference held in Chicago, September 20-22, 2013. Mentor is a global leader in implant manufacturing. LEAD stands for Leadership, Experience, and Development in Breast Augmentation. The LEAD Council is composed of board certified plastic… Continue Reading »

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One of the most commonly asked questions from mothers is: “Can multiple cosmetic surgery procedures be performed together safely?” The answer is Yes! Not only is it safe, but also convenient. A mommy makeover is a combined set of cosmetic procedures designed for women who want to improve certain areas of the body following pregnancy…. Continue Reading »

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