Under or Over the Muscle for Saline Implants?

We get lots of questions from women with lots of different body types.  Every patient and body is characteristically different with unique individual needs, and we want to answer all your questions!  Throughout the month of August we want to address a few breast augmentation questions that come to us from several petite women in physique.  Petite is typically defined as women under 5”4” with a small frame and a thinner build.

All breast augmentation patients have some basic decisions to make with their board certified plastic surgeon of choice.  What type of implant, whether it be saline (salt water) or silicone (gel), size, shape, profile, and placement are just a few of those conversations to have with your surgeon.   Like all women, smaller framed women considering placement above or below the muscle have to think about their implant choices, and lifestyles and what they are hopefully trying to achieve by having this surgery performed in order to make an informed decision.

There are advantages of placing the implant over the muscle and under the muscle. and In some cases is recommended. Over/Under the muscle is largely dependent again on the patient’s goals and whether they are looking for a super natural breast look.  With all of that said, we usually recommend under the muscle for most implants placement if the patient is a smaller person to give the patient a more natural look and feel.   (Of course, some patients want less of a natural look so our advice to those patients could be a little different!)


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