Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cat Shares 5 Secrets to Beautiful Breast Augmentation Results

Beautiful athletic fitness modelWhen you start to think about breast augmentation, it’s natural to want to know the secrets to great results. You’re already on the right track! The best outcomes are possible when you are curious and involved in your breast augmentation journey—which usually starts with finding a skilled surgeon who makes you feel secure and whose aesthetic you love. But there’s more to great results than selecting a surgeon, so today, Atlanta board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cristen Catignani is sharing key factors that can help you achieve gorgeous breast augmentation results.

1. Prepare like a pro

The first secret to gorgeous results is having a productive, in-depth personal consultation with your plastic surgeon. And you’ll get the most out of that meeting if you prepare ahead: read about others’ breast augmentation experiences, look at before and after photos of patients who look like you in the ‘before’ images, and get a basic understanding of breast implant and surgical options.

Take notes, save examples, and write down the questions you want to ask. This will empower you to ask more detailed questions and help you receive personally relevant information. Patients who have prepared for their consultation are better able to clearly communicate their goals, helping them to get on the same page with their surgeon more easily.

As you research breast implants, take notes, save photos, and write down the questions you want to ask your plastic surgeon.

2. Pay attention to the details

Your surgical plan has a big impact on your results. Whether you want a subtle boost or notably bigger breasts, my goal is to create a volumetric look that perfectly suits your frame. Here are 3 key elements of the plan that I am thinking about when I meet with you:

  • Breast implant options: There are a range of breast implant options, with variations in size/volume, profile, and material. During the consultation, you will have the chance to try on sizers and feel implant options for yourself. We’ll recommend a range of sizes and profiles of implants that we know will look good on you, and help you narrow down your options from there.
  • Breast lifts: If your breasts sag, you may need a breast lift in combination with your breast augmentation. This is not always the case, as a little visible “lift” can be achieved with implants. But if your breast sagging is more than just mild, we may have to incorporate a lift in order to achieve your vision.
  • Add-on procedures: You may desire add-on procedures (such as liposuction) to get ideal, comprehensive results.

Excellent surgeons customize the procedure for your anatomy, and discuss the details of the surgery with you. The best surgical outcomes happen when the surgeon and patient are collaborating—you bring your expertise about your body and goals, and I bring my expertise about breast surgery.

3. Optimize your health for a smooth recovery

The secret to an optimal recovery? It starts well ahead of surgery! Go ahead and start investing in your health to support your body’s ability to heal during recovery:

  • Strictly abstain from smoking and vaping.
  • Fuel a healthy recovery by eating a nutrient-rich diet full of protein, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats like nuts and seeds, and whole-grain carbohydrates.
  • After breast augmentation, you will need to sleep on your back. So that you’ll be comfortable getting quality rest in this position after surgery, practice ahead of time! You may want to place pillows along your sides to support this position at first.

After recovery, follow these tips that are a key part of the secret to gorgeous results:

  • Continue to refrain from smoking—and, ideally, don’t pick it back up! Smoking ages your skin prematurely, and therefore contributes to breast sagging.
  • Continue to eat a nutrient-rich diet.
  • Don’t do too much, too soon after surgery. Embrace this chance to rest and allow your body to do the work of healing!
  • Wear soft, supportive surgical bras—no underwires until your surgeon gives you the OK.
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Take care of your incisions per the scar care instructions that we provide.
  • Avoid the sun, which will darken your healing scars and contribute to early skin aging.

4. Do it for the right reasons

Breast augmentation is one of most genuinely confidence-boosting procedures available. Yet choosing breast implants is a personal decision, and the happiest patients we see post-op decide to have this procedure to feel like a stronger, more confident version of themselves—not to please someone else. Check in with yourself before booking your consultation to make sure that you are seeking breast augmentation as a gift of confidence to yourself rather than to make others happy.

Breast augmentation should be a gift of confidence you give yourself—not something you do to make others happy.

5. Choose a qualified plastic surgeon who gets you

Good rapport with your plastic surgeon may be the most important secret to your results. Look for someone who listens to you and works with you during the consultation to make sure they 100% understand what you want out of surgery. Find a surgeon who is board certified, has years of experience, has glowing reviews, and shows you stellar before-and-after results that resemble the look you’re going for. Trust your intuition, and if you don’t feel that your plastic surgeon gets you, get a second opinion!

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