Types of Breast Lift Surgeries

Just as there are different shapes and sizes of breast implants, there are different types of breast lift surgeries.

One type of breast lift surgery is known as a concentric breast lift surgery.  This type of breast lift is for less extreme cases and can be performed under local anesthesia. An incredibly small amount of incisions are made with this technique.  Concentric breast lift surgery begins with first drawing two concentric circles (a circle within a circle) on the breast, which is how it got its name.  It’s also often nicknamed “a doughnut breast lift” or “doughnut mastoplexy,” because the inner portion between the two circles is removed, and the outer skin is then pulled together.

The nipple is then moved upward into its new position.  Immediately after the procedure the skin around the areola may pucker or wrinkle a bit, because there is now more skin along the incision of the breast.  This will typically subside in a few weeks when the breast begins to take shape and adapt to its new size.  If the wrinkling does not go away, which is rare, we can easily fix this by performing another surgery and making a new incision that descends from the nipple down to the breast fold. A vertical strip of skin will then be removed and the two sides will be stitched together along the incision site.

The other type of breast lift surgery that can be done is known as the anchor shaped breast lift surgery. This type of breast lift surgery is performed by making three incisions in the breast in an anchor shape. The first incision is made around the areola so it can be repositioned for the nipple. The next incision descends vertically from the nipple down towards the breast fold. The last incision typically runs underneath the breast right near the breast fold.

With these three incisions, skin flaps are created so extra skin can be removed. The excess skin is then trimmed away and the surrounding skin is sutured back together into its newer, perkier position. The nipple is also placed up higher on the breast but it remains connected to its original nerves and blood supply so there is less risk of losing sensation to the nipple. As with a concentric breast lift, breast implants may be used to enhance the shape after a breast lift surgery.

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