Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Although many in Atlanta and elsewhere in America typically take on a “bigger is better” approach to everything (and food, cars, houses, etc…), breast reduction surgery ranks as one of the most popular plastic surgeries for women.  According to recent statistics, there is roughly one breast reduction surgery performed for every two breast augmentation (enhancement) surgeries in the United States.

It’s not difficult to see why breast reduction is desired by many women.  Here are 6 reasons why some women choose to get smaller breasts and go with the “less is more” approach:

  1. Less unwanted attention:  Not everyone wants to be like Dolly Parton.  When your breasts are large they tend to get noticed whether you want them to or not.  Sure it’s nice to feel attractive but having breasts so large that that’s all anyone can focus on can have the opposite effect on your self-esteem.
  2. Less Pain: Big breasts come with extra pounds to the front of your chest and your back feels the weight. One of the most common reasons women get breast reduction surgeries is to treat chronic unbearable back pain caused by large breasts. They really can be a pain.
  3. Less Sagging:  Naturally large breasts often fight a losing battle with gravity, which results in sagging. Many of our clients in Atlanta come to us complaining that their sagging breasts make them look older than they are or more tired looking.  A lot of women ask for smaller, perkier breasts that make them look and feel younger.
  4. Less Problems Shopping: Even women with petite frames have to buy extra-large tops just to accommodate their large breasts and the results are either unflattering or inappropriate.
  5. Less Post-Pregnancy Signs: Giving birth and breast-feeding can easily alter a woman’s breast size and cause significant sagging.  These changes aren’t always appreciated.  One of our Atlanta clients felt incredibly uncomfortable when her breasts remained large after having her twins but breast reduction returned her to her pre-pregnancy appearance.
  6. Less Rashes:  Unfortunately, large breasts rub against each other and the area underneath each breast are prone to creating rashes from chafing or just being warm and moist.  Many of our clients who see us for breast reduction surgeries frequently have rashes both between and underneath their breasts but after having a breast reduction surgery; they are thrilled that their breasts actually have some space between them.

If you live in the Atlanta and are struggling with unwanted large breasts contact us today. We will be happy to go over all the options available to you.

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