The Heavenly Complexion

Before working in aesthetics, I thought the amount of human intervention in the aging process was minimal. I knew that more sun exposure over time would lead to more wrinkles and a higher risk of skin cancers, like melanoma. I also knew that I could see “how I was going to age” in the faces of my parents and grandparents. I thought that was it. That using lotions, potions, and creams in fancy pots was not going to make a significant difference in my predetermined aging pattern.

Oh, how wrong I was!

Turns out, it’s a beautiful time to be alive. With technological advancements, we can greatly alter the aging process, and I am floored by the results walking out of our spa facility every single day. Using the Halo laser by Sciton, we are able to perform a hybridized fractional laser service without downtime. This procedure literally hits the “reset” button on your complexion, evening skin tone, erasing fine lines, and giving your skin the look of being airbrushed. They call it the “Halo Glow.” Cute, right?

BBL, or Broad-Band Light therapy, targets pigment and actually lifts them out of your skin. It’s like magic!

Sun spots? Gone. Rosacea? Gone. Acne pigmentation? Gone. Again, this is without downtime and a super quick procedure. BBL is perfect alone or in conjunction with other laser services. We can even zap the pigment out of surgical incision markings!

Before & after BBL therapy. Photos courtesy Sciton, inc.
Before & after BBL therapy. Photos courtesy Sciton, inc.

We offer laser peels, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other skincare services too! We have everything you need to have the skin of your dreams. So, if you are like I was, thinking nothing more can be done, there is more than a little hope—there is Halo, baby! We are here to give you that heavenly complexion.

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