The Best Accessories for Your Pool Party Outfits

Accessorizing your cute summer outfit

We are deep into swimsuit season, and there are still endless pool parties, BBQ gatherings, and relaxing beach vacations lined up throughout the rest of the summer. With so many soirées left to attend, it’s crucial to have ways to dress your swimsuits up and down for each occasion. Whether you’re wearing a bikini or two-piece, we’ve narrowed down some simple ways to add some unexpected fun to your pool party outfits. 

Extra Baggage 

Don’t be afraid to be playful with your beach or pool bags. They’re an easy way to show off your style while also keeping all your belongings in one place. Whether your bikini is sporty or chic, there’s a perfect bag for every bathing suit. Looking for something unexpected and yet trendy? Try utilizing a hip ‘retro’ fanny pack. Believe it or not, these signature 90’s statement pieces are making a comeback. Strap it loosely around your waist to further accentuate your curves or sling it across your body for easy access. Need a more classic twist on a beach bag? Accessorize with a bamboo basket bag to play up your cute casual summer outfit. These pieces never go out of style, plus these bags come with the added bonus of extra visibility, thanks to the slits in their design — you won’t need to go digging through in search of your phone ever again.  

It’s the Little Things 

Don’t forget about the little details when getting dressed up for your next summer gathering. After the tanning oil and sunscreen, add on some simple accessories to dress up your pool party outfit. Whether you prefer gold or silver, try layering and stacking daintier pieces together to complete your poolside outfit. If you’re feeling bolder, you can even mix metals to create a sophisticated yet fun look. Don’t be afraid to throw on some big hoop earrings to make a trendy statement. Still looking for more ways to amp up your swimsuit? Give body chains a try. These thin, delicate chains will accentuate your curves further and draw attention to your best assets. 

Cover Up 

Need the perfect cover-up to complete your ensemble? Try a playful, patterned Kimono to wear over your bathing suit while you’re chatting with your friends by the poolside. Kimonos are the best pairing for your casual summer outfit, allowing you to show off your cute swimsuit while remaining covered up just enough while chilling by the pool. For a more feminine look, throw on a lace cover-up. Lace offers a combination of playfulness and breathability that is ideal for relaxing by the pool or laying in the sand by the beach — just be wary of the tan lines. 

Hats Off 

You can’t go wrong with a classic beach hat. A floppy straw hat pairs perfectly with any bathing suit, and the bigger, the better. Not only is this a great way to accessorize your pool party outfit, but it also offers some much-needed protection from those harmful UV rays. If you’re looking for something different to shade yourself from the sun, try a cute, patterned bucket hat. These pieces are trendy and will earn you extra fashion bonus points while chilling on the beach. 

Throwing Shade 

A cute pair of sunnies is the ultimate poolside accessory. Whether you prefer cat-eye, round, geometric or a classic Aviator — there’s something for everyone. Not only do the frames offer a variety of styles, designs, and patterns, but you can also play around with trendy reflective lenses that come in various colors. Shades instantly make any summer outfit cooler, and they’ll protect your eyes from the harsh sun– it’s a win, win. Plus, whenever you don’t need them, you can push them up onto your head for a breezy and chill look. 

The Best Summer Outfit Accessory?

Confidence. Nothing catches people’s attention more than when you walk out in your cute summer outfit and completely own it. 

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