Find the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Bikinis for all shapes and sizes 

Looking and feeling your best in a swimsuit isn’t always easy, and with so many choices and styles available, choosing the best swimsuit for your body can be a daunting task. While sipping savory drinks by the pool is meant to be a relaxing activity, the preparation can be more than anxiety-inducing. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of different swimsuits that are sure to suit your shape. 

Curvy Figure

Embracing your curvy figure and managing your proportions is the best way to elevate your summer look. High waisted bottoms are perfect for covering up stubborn bulges and cinching your waistline. Not only do they help to create the appearance of a slimmer figure, but they also tend to be made with thin fabrics, so they don’t add bulkiness to your midriff area. 

High waisted bottoms are also great for girls wanting to hide muffin top. A swimsuit bottom that rises just above the belly button will accentuate your beautiful shape while concealing flaws. Choosing a colorful pattern can also add an extra dimension to your look.

For ladies with larger chests, swimwear with built-in cups and underwire offer extra support so you can splash into summer without the hassle of fixing your top every ten minutes. Double-strapped suits and racer-backs provide support and comfort while remaining stylish and trendy. 

Slimmed, straight figure

With an athletic build and slimmed figure, finding a swimsuit to emphasize your top and bottom can be difficult. Want to add a little extra to your chest area without pads or surgery? Ruffled swim tops offer a playful look that draws attention to your décolletage while giving the appearance of larger breasts. Padded tops can also create cushioning and extra comfort, giving you the added oomph you need to look and feel confident. 

Opting for ruched bottoms can also create the appearance of a bigger booty. Cheeky cut-outs, rather than full-coverage bottoms, can help you achieve the look you want without exposing too much skin. 

If you’re wanting to keep things low-key, low-rise bottoms, paired with a strapless or bandeau top, are ideal complementary pieces to extend your torso and make you appear lean and muscular. Scoop neck tops are also great for a sporty look. The versatility of the scoop-neck top means that you can mix and match with shorts, a thong bottom, high waisted bottoms, and more.  


Whether you’re broad shouldered or wide hipped, there are suits and styles to fit your body type. For ladies with extra chest or thigh weight, finding swimwear that reveals a comfortable amount of these areas allows you to look great and feel body-positive. 

Without all of the extra padded layers, halter necks create the beautiful illusion of smaller shoulders while providing some additional support for your girls. Suits with printed patterning down the sides can also help to thin your waist while slimming your shoulders. 

Not typically considered a common swimwear theme, one-shouldered suits are also a great way to make your shoulders look flattering without calling awareness to the width between them. Asymmetrical swimwear is both unique and trendy — a perfect combination to impress your fellow pool-goers. 

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