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If you’re considering breast implant removal, you likely have numerous questions! The answer to the question of whether or not an explantation procedure is right for you is certainly a personal one—but it’s best to make the decision with counseling from a board-certified plastic surgeon.  Our Swan Center plastic surgeons have decades of combined knowledge… Continue Reading »

Under or Over the Muscle for Saline Implants?

We get lots of questions from women with lots of different body types.  Every patient and body is characteristically different with unique individual needs, and we want to answer all your questions!  Throughout the month of August we want to address a few breast augmentation questions that come to us from several petite women in… Continue Reading »

Today there are more ways than ever to address cosmetic concerns. Non-surgical procedures are increasingly popular, and new non-invasive treatments are being developed each year. However, the level of invasiveness for treatments varies and the terms used to describe how they work can be confusing. Here at the Swan Center, we’ve helped thousands of Atlanta… Continue Reading »

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One of the most commonly asked questions from mothers is: “Can multiple cosmetic surgery procedures be performed together safely?” The answer is Yes! Not only is it safe, but also convenient. A mommy makeover is a combined set of cosmetic procedures designed for women who want to improve certain areas of the body following pregnancy…. Continue Reading »

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  At our Atlanta plastic surgery practice, we cater to many different body types, and each requires different considerations. Whether your stature is petite, muscular, or well developed (except breasts!) many of our patients are considered active. Meaning they work out, weight train, compete in body building or fitness competitions, triathalons, and more. We can… Continue Reading »

Cleavage with Smaller Breast Implants

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Some women are interested in breast augmentation with implants to restore upper pole fullness and without using complicated medical terms, “cleavage” would be a word I would use; which is to say fullness on top of breasts. Usually, the implants that give the most upper pole fullness are larger implants, but a woman with a… Continue Reading »

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