Deciding to Go Bigger After Having Had Your First Breast Augmentation

During the pre-surgery decision making process, one of the biggest decisions a patient feels the most pressure to make is how big to go.  It’s a decision to balance the size of the implants with the size of your body.  This may be especially difficult in more petite women who want larger breasts, but also want it to look very natural.  At The Swan Center, we address this in a variety of ways with the concept we have about educating patients allowing them to make a better, more informed, decision with our guidance and expertise.

We try to have in-depth consultations to discuss sizing and shaping.  We encourage patients by taking a test run with actual implants sized by our nurses and you in a natural comfortable setting by inserting them in the patients bra.  We also have computer imaging to simulate the best possible surgical outcomes. Through this extensive consultative process, most women are happy, so happy, with their surgery results.  And some women are very happy with the results, but maybe wish they had gone just a little bigger.

Often, women with smaller frames choose a smaller implant for a more natural appearance. 

For those women who truly want to go just a little bigger, we hear “how long would I have to wait to have it done?” or “how much would it cost?” or “Can I still use the same implants I already have?”

Our first advice is to wait. Wait 6-12 months to recover and let your implants settle and to let you become accustomed to your new profile.  You will have to weigh the costs and the benefits of replacing the implants with a bigger size.  In some cases removal and replacement costs more than the initial breast augmentation.

If you want “just a little bigger,” it is worth considering that most patients do not return to surgery for any increases less than 100ccs per implant.  At the end of the day, we work for the patient and therefore if you are not happy we will continue to work with you until you are.


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