Best Breast Augmentation for Active and Petite Women?


At our Atlanta plastic surgery practice, we cater to many different body types, and each requires different considerations.

Whether your stature is petite, muscular, or well developed (except breasts!) many of our patients are considered active. Meaning they work out, weight train, compete in body building or fitness competitions, triathalons, and more. We can never say that all active and petite women should get a standardized augmentation because it’s the “best.” However, there are things to think about if you are smaller in stature or are very active or both.

If the implants are placed under the breast, not under the muscle, and you are very thin, the implants have less tissue lying over them sometimes allowing you to see rippling or the ridge of the implant. They usually will not look as natural as those implants placed under the muscle.

Placing breast implants under the muscle gives a more natural look and interferes less with mammograms, and it also minimizes the appearance of rippling. Some patients and surgeons consider this a more natural look.


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