Cleavage with Smaller Breast Implants

Some women are interested in breast augmentation with implants to restore upper pole fullness and without using complicated medical terms, “cleavage” would be a word I would use; which is to say fullness on top of breasts. Usually, the implants that give the most upper pole fullness are larger implants, but a woman with a smaller frame may want smaller implants for a more natural look.  So what is a woman to do, you ask?

Sometimes we suggest to our patient that a short scar, or vertical mastopexy, or even a concentric (mastopexy can be used with a smaller type implant if the breasts require a little more perkiness along with more fullness .  This uses some of your own tissue to also enhance the upper pole of the breasts.

You must be sure that your plastic surgeon is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery and has experience with these procedures.  Make sure you see some before and after pictures of exactly what you are desiring and especially what you and the surgeon are discussing.


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