"Millionaire Matchmaker" Claims TV Stars Have to Have Plastic Surgery

Patti Stanger (you may be more familiar with her as the “Millionaire Matchmaker”) recently told “Life & Style” weekly that plastic surgery is an absolute if you are working in the television industry.  It’s difficult for us to believe that positively everyone who is on television has had some cosmetic procedure, but we do agree with her that is probably much more done than admitted.

Patti Stanger is 52, and for the last 5 years, she has been playing matchmaker with wealthy singles.  She commented (a little aggressively!), “When you’re on TV, you have to do this. Anyone who says they don’t is lying.”

Wow.  We don’t doubt that there are a lot of celebs not quite coming clean about the amount of cosmetic treatments they are having, but to suggest that all tv stars have had some work is extreme.

Stanger has publicly claimed a face lift and Botox, which she says helped her find a partner of her own.  She also admits to a breast reduction and breast lift – twice!

A few TV Stars who have publicly said they have had plastic surgery:

  • Amanda Bynes admitted to rhinoplasty
  • Jamie Lee Curtis says she’s had a little here and there
  • Bruce Jenner of reality tv stardom has said he had some face work done in 1984
  • Dianna Argon of “Glee” says rhinoplasty was done to correct a broken nose
  • Courtney Cox “Cougar Town” admits only to Botox
  • Simon Cowell … another Botox only claimant
  • Lisa Rinna admits that she has used perhaps a little too much Juvederm


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