Do We Really Need Another Non-Surgical Fat-Reduction Tool? CoolMini is Here…and Patients Are Loving It

Drumroll please…CoolSculpting® just got better! By now you’ve most likely heard—via Vogue, goop or from your own peeps—about this cool technology that slims down stubborn fat pockets without surgery.

It’s such a popular and highly effective treatment that we maintain all of the fat freezing gadgets Coolsculpting offers in our toolkit! A favorite? The CoolMini. This smaller applicator is shaped to get rid of a double chin using the same safe, effective nonsurgical fat reduction treatment patients have come to know and love.

Does the CoolMini Work?

Yes, and we have clinical evidence to back it up! In a recent study, male and female participants underwent two separate cryolipolysis (fat freezing) treatments with the CoolMini. After a 12 week period, clinicians measured submental fat reduction (i.e., how much smaller their double chins were), and participants were asked about their experience in terms of comfort during treatment, side effects, and overall satisfaction.

Here’s what they found out.

  • 93% of those who underwent CoolMini treatment were happy with their results.
  • Most reported only very mild side effects, such as numbness and tingling, which resolved before surveys were collected.

The CoolMini gets max approval from our patients!

It’s great to see studies to back up the safety and effectiveness of this new application for CoolSculpting, but what’s most important to us is what our own patients have to say—and so far they love the ease of treatment, the freedom to go right back to their normal day without downtime, and, of course, the great results they see in their chin and jawline contours within just a couple of months!

It’s not just for double chins…

One more thing we love? The unique size and shape of the CoolMini makes it perfect to fit other smaller areas of the body, including pesky bra bulges and fatty areas above the knee.

Ready to feel better than ever in your own skin? We’d love to help. Contact us today to learn about all of your Atlanta double chin reduction options at the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery.

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