Am I Too Young to Start with Anti-Aging Treatments?

“But you’re too young to get BOTOX!” Ask any of our millennial staffers, and they will tell you that they have heard this expression more than once. There are extremely common misconceptions in the arena of anti-aging about when to begin preventative maintenance—and I hope to shed some light on this discussion in a few short paragraphs.

Think you’re too young? I started injectables in my 20s—and I love my results!

I will first start by saying that I am currently 29 years old. I have regular Dysport® or BOTOX® injections in the areas of most apparent expression and creasing on my face. For me, that’s the glabella or “elevens” (the area directly between the brows that furrow together when you make a scowl and can form two deep vertical lines over time), and the forehead where horizontal lines create a washboard appearance when I make certain expressions.

I began having small doses of toxin injectables to these areas in my mid-twenties. When administered appropriately, BOTOX or Dysport should never leave a patient devoid of expression, but simply lesson crease formation by creating a subtle “freeze” effect in the specific areas causing the repetition of said crease formation. THAT’S IT.

I also have Restylane® injected into my lips—and the best part is that no one ever knows! Beautiful, natural volume can be achieved using amazing products like Restylane and Restlyane Silk and, of course, the skill of your injector is key to patient outcomes. Lip injections truly transcend any age. Everyone wants a pretty pout, and we have natural, lovely lips walking out of our doors all of the time!

Why wrinkles form (and how preventative treatment helps)

Wrinkles and creases form through repetition. Over time, the constant furrowing of the brows when reading the morning news or squinting against the glare of sunrise on your morning commute can form signs of aging.

Preventative aesthetic treatments can be most effective if a patient decides to use them when lines first begin to form and continue treatments to achieve amazing results for patients of all ages.

Perfect skin isn’t a given, no matter your age

Laser procedures for acne prevention, scar treatments, sun damage, and collagen restoration are performed on patients of all ages and varying skin types. Depth of treatment is, of course, based upon patient need, but there is truly a “starting point” for everyone. Some of my personal favorites are Halo by Sciton and BBL by Sciton. BBL, or Broad-Band Light Therapy, is such a great way to keep your complexion looking like porcelain while at the same time encouraging collagen stimulation and acne prevention. Even good skincare is a great starting point for many!

If you have any questions about your anti-aging “starting point” and where that may be, please contact the office for a complimentary consultation so we can discuss all of your options and help you to put your best face forward.

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