Be Beautiful, Be Proud: How to Banish the Plastic Surgery Shame Myth for Good

iStock_000014130216_FullWhether you’ve already had plastic surgery, or are considering a procedure that may help you feel more confident and at ease with your body, you should feel confident and beautiful in your choices. Here are some tips for feeling proud of your body and banishing the plastic surgery shame myth so you can share your beauty with the world.

Celebrate Your Body, Before or After Surgery

No matter where you are in your transformative journey, it’s important to be kind to yourself every time you look in the mirror. Notice the parts of your body that make you feel great about yourself, and treat the parts of your body that you may want to improve with gentle respect.

You Look Great. Spread the Word!

If you’ve already had surgery, your family and friends may have noticed that you look slimmer or more rested. If you feel comfortable letting your loved ones know about your plastic surgery experience, share your journey so your nearest and dearest can celebrate with you. You may find out quite a few friends have had a nip and tuck too!

Keep the Media in its Place

If you’ve picked up a fashion magazine lately, you may have noticed that the media can be quick to speculate about celebrities who may have chosen to have plastic surgery. (Remember the hubbub surrounding Nicki Minaj’s derriére? Or Nicole Kidman’s flawless face?)

These kinds of rumors and media shaming can make some women feel uneasy about themselves or their beauty decisions. But don’t let sensationalist headlines and unrealistic portrayals of beauty give you pause. Take media reports with a grain of salt by remembering that every aspect of a celeb’s life is talked about, from what they eat for breakfast, to their kids’ fashions, to their possible cosmetic procedures.

Also know that good cosmetic work is often unnoticed—many celebrities have had touch ups and procedures without anyone noticing a thing except their looking better than ever. The good news is that you too can get beautiful results with a board certified plastic surgeon, and you won’t be the object of tabloid speculation.

Plastic Surgery May Boost Your Self-Esteem

Did you know that plastic surgery may improve overall self-esteem? A recent study published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science surveyed 550 first-time plastic surgery patients, as well as individuals who had always wanted plastic surgery and those who had not considered it.

Researchers found that the first-time plastic surgery patients reported an increase in self-esteem, experienced less anxiety, and were happier with their bodies post-surgery. Interestingly, patients were not only happier with the part of their body that underwent surgery, but reported feeling that their entire body was more attractive as a whole.

Do Your Own Research

As you explore the possibilities of plastic surgery, it’s important to gather as much information as possible. View before and after photos, read reviews, and spend some time researching specific procedures that you may be considering. Avoid any potential surprises by learning everything you can to help you make an informed decision.

Choose a Doctor Who Makes You Feel Your Best

If you decide that plastic surgery may be right for you, it’s essential to find a board certified plastic surgeon who has the training and experience to deliver safe and effective results. Whether you are considering a breast augmentation, liposuction, a facelift, or any other procedure, make sure you find a surgeon you that makes you feel confident and informed.

The Swan Center’s experienced, board certified plastic surgeons have helped thousands of patients from Atlanta and beyond achieve their goals. Contact our office for a personalized consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure you’re interested in. We can help you feel great about your body every step of the way!

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