5 Sweet Hairstyles to Complement Your New Look After Cosmetic Surgery

Planning on having cosmetic surgery in the near future? Congrats—you’re well on your way to enjoying a new, improved you—and the surge in self-confidence that comes with loving how you look.

Whether your procedure plan includes dramatic changes or subtle nips and tucks, cosmetic surgery represents a fresh start—why not refresh your look in more way than one? A trip to the salon can be a great way to celebrate the changes you’ve made and treat yourself after your initial recovery period. Plus, a brand new haircut can serve as a brilliant decoy if you prefer to keep your operation under wraps.

Consider one of these trending haircuts to put the finishing touches on your new look.

1) Embrace your natural texture

Great after: breast enhancement, tummy tuck

If you have naturally curly or coarse hair that you’ve been forcing into a sleek, straight ‘do every day, it may be time to let it go—showing off what nature gave you is all the rage. And, there’s no better time to try a low-maintenance look than in preparation for a breast augmentation, given you’ll be a little limited in how much you can use your arms for hairstyling during the initial recovery period.

Natural doesn’t mean doing “nothing”—braids, buns and other styles can be beautiful, simple ways to rock your natural hair. Your stylist can help you find a cut and style that flatters your natural hair and fits your lifestyle, so you won’t have to spend time each day battling nature.

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2) Take it off with a bob, pixie, or buzz cut!

Great after: Any procedure you want to keep on the down low or when you want lower-maintenance hair for your recovery

A super-short ‘do is a fun change with hardly any maintenance involved. Plus, if you want to keep your procedure under wraps, a dramatic chop will help draw people’s attention to your new do—and away from any surgical changes you’ve made.

Because they look great with virtually no maintenance, ultra-short cuts are also the best haircuts after weight loss surgery or abdominoplasty, which typically require more post-op downtime than other cosmetic procedures.

Tip: pixies and buzz cuts look best on small or slender frames. If you’ve got a larger bone structure or are naturally curvier, don’t go too short. A bob (perhaps with a side part or bangs) may be a more flattering short haircut for your figure.

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3) Go bright and bold with color

Great after: liposuction, CoolSculpting

A big boost in confidence is a common side effect of body contouring, so if you’ve been tempted to try out mermaid or unicorn-hued hair, embrace your newly found moxie and go for it. A bright color palette can be a fun way to help turn heads (as if your sexy new curves aren’t already doing that!).

Our Atlanta liposuction patients are usually back to normal day-to-day activities within a week after surgery—and CoolSculpting requires zero recovery time—so an easy maintenance cut needn’t be a huge priority. If you’d like to go rainbow, we recommend the talented team at Tryst Salon in Alpharetta. They’re experts in coloring and will make sure your new ‘do looks classy and professional.

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4) A layered lob

Great after: facelift, eyelid lift, neck contouring

Want to keep ‘em guessing after facial rejuvenation surgery? Stick with hairstyles that make you look younger, like a playful lob! This not-too-long, not-too-short ‘do flatters almost any face shape and is the perfect way to show off your smoother, younger looking skin after a facelift (and conceal healing incisions). Layers add a light, flirty element that keeps your look fresh with minimal effort, while warm-toned highlights can accentuate a healthy glow.

Dress up your lob with long bangs

Fringe that hits at the top of your eyes looks ultra-trendy and can take a few more years off your recently-rejuvenated appearance. Long bangs can easily be swept to the side or styled to change up your look day to day.

5) The Shag

Ideal after: mommy makeover

Ditch the mom hair after your mommy makeover in favor of a chic shag. Characterized by light layers with soft edges, a shag can be applied to any style, texture or length and looks…simply cool. With no obvious edges to keep in line, you can go longer between touch-ups and skip the blow dryer in the morning. A shag looks fab with or without fringe, and pulls into a ponytail easily for those days when you just can’t. In other words, it’s the perfect hairstyle for everything from driving carpool to a night on the town.

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Before you hit the salon, come see us at The Swan Center

While hairstyle trends will come and go, our board certified plastic surgeons can help you make lasting improvements to your face, breasts and body. If you’re ready to make a change, give us a call. Contact our Alpharetta plastic surgery offices at 770-667-0904 or contact us online to book your complimentary consultation.

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