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July 7, 2017
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She Truly Cares About Her Patients

Dr. Catignani truly cares about her patients and it shows from the moment of that first consultation to the aftercare that she provides. Quite honestly, she and her staff held my hand and alleviated my fears about the procedure on quite a few occasions before surgery. Even though I took up a great deal of time asking questions, etc- I never felt rushed or that it was an inconvenience to her at all. On one occasion in particular, she sensed I was preoccupied with a family situation and took the time to sit down and talk about it with me. On top of her wonderful ability to ease her patients concerns and address questions in a realistic manner, she is a wonderful doctor whose skill is beyond compare. The results were amazing and the follow up care wonderful. I can honestly say that no matter where I move in the future when I need surgery using her is worth the drive or flight. In short, If you are searching for a skilled, knowledgeable and caring doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Catignani

—Catherine Avery