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April 18, 2018
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Let me just start off and say that Dr. Cat is absolutely amazing. I have struggled with a larger labia and clitoral hood for the past year. My sex life was affected, I could wear certain clothing, and walking too long caused me to cry it hurt so bad. I no longer have any of that! I’m so much more confident and my labia no longer hangs down and out of my labia majora! During my first consultation with her, I immediately had a good first impression. She was so sweet and made sure I was aware of everything Getting Labiaplasty can be a very awkward situation, however, Dr. Catignani instantly made me feel comfortable and better about the whole situation. She doesn’t talk to you as if she is a doctor you are just meeting, but as if you are someone she has known for a while. My results are STUNNING! I’m a little over a month post-op and I couldn’t be happier. I can FINALLY wear tight clothing again and do not have pain. I can not thank her enough! This surgery has changed my life for the better! 10/10 would recommend her!


February 28, 2018
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She is so Nice!

I had a follow-up appt with Dr. Catagnini today! She is so nice. Always helpful! All I can say is she is simply the best! I cannot recommend them all enough!!

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Cristen M Catignani

February 12, 2018
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Dr. Catagnini is a Miracle Worker

I saw my breasts for the first time today since my reduction/lift last Friday! Dr. Catagnini is a miracle worker! She and her team are amazing! So impressed! I recommend the whole team– a great bunch of people!

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Cristen M Catignani

February 9, 2018
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Very Impressed

Dr. Catagnini and her team are priceless! They have all went above and beyond for me! I recommend this team for all your plastic needs! I couldn’t be happier! They will be my team for any future procedures!! Even when I was freaking out about anything they were always amazing to me! Always there to talk with and help me through. Very Impressed with them all!!

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Cristen M Catignani

November 17, 2017
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Dr. Catignani & Staff were Amazing

Dr. Catignani & staff were amazing. They provided the highest level of care while making me feel comfortable. The entire experience from the consultation to the surgical procedure and recovery was wonderful! I can’t recommend them enough. They are a talented team with amazing customer service! Thank you so much!

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Cristen M Catignani

August 1, 2017
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Dr. Catignani was Wonderful!

Dr. Catignani could not have been more wonderful! From the moment we met her she was kind, attentive and had an expert plan for how to proceed with my care. I had two surgeries with her and both went smoothly and without any complications. We never had to wait for our appointments and she always took plenty of time with us and answered all our questions. I would not hesitate to have her again as my physician.

—Kelly Blount

July 7, 2017
She Truly Cares About Her Patients

Dr. Catignani truly cares about her patients and it shows from the moment of that first consultation to the aftercare that she provides. Quite honestly, she and her staff held my hand and alleviated my fears about the procedure on quite a few occasions before surgery. Even though I took up a great deal of time asking questions, etc- I never felt rushed or that it was an inconvenience to her at all. On one occasion in particular, she sensed I was preoccupied with a family situation and took the time to sit down and talk about it with me. On top of her wonderful ability to ease her patients concerns and address questions in a realistic manner, she is a wonderful doctor whose skill is beyond compare. The results were amazing and the follow up care wonderful. I can honestly say that no matter where I move in the future when I need surgery using her is worth the drive or flight. In short, If you are searching for a skilled, knowledgeable and caring doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Catignani

—Catherine Avery