Atlanta Chin Augmentation for Men

No one wants to hear the word “weak” when it comes to anything personal. But if you look in the mirror and “weak” is all you can think when you see your chin, it can be a real blow to your confidence. A receding or weak chin can throw off the balance of all your facial features, detracting from facial harmony and keeping you from feeling good about your appearance.

If your weak chin is a problem, it’s time to consider chin augmentation surgery, or genioplasty. Through the placement of an anatomically shaped implant, a chin augmentation strengthens the appearance of a receding chin. Given that a strong chin is a defining male facial feature, chin augmentation is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery for men.

How a chin implant can improve your appearance

Chin augmentation involves placing a custom-fitted implant around the existing chin bone. Made of a natural-feeling biocompatible material, chin implants are meant to be in place indefinitely. Your surgeon will work closely with you to choose an implant that will provide the most natural appearance of your jawline. With an experienced plastic surgeon, a chin augmentation can make a real difference in how you look and feel about your appearance:

  • The chin will be in better balance with the nose, ears and other facial features
  • If you’ve been growing a beard to help hide your weak chin, you may feel greater freedom in how you wear your facial hair
  • Your new chin will help create a stronger, more masculine jawline
  • Your self-confidence may improve as you feel better about your appearance

Chin augmentation procedure specifics

At The Swan Center, chin augmentation with our board certified plastic surgeons is usually a straightforward procedure with a quick recovery. Surgery is performed at our private, on-site accredited surgery center, with local or general anesthesia. Through a small incision located beneath the chin, your surgeon will place the implant you selected prior to surgery around your chinbone. Surgery typically takes only about 30 minutes to complete, or longer if you are also having another facial procedure such as rhinoplasty.

You will be allowed to return home shortly after surgery to continue your recovery.

Recovery from chin augmentation

Chin implant surgery enjoys one of the quickest, most straightforward recoveries of any facial cosmetic surgery, given that the patient is in good health and the procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon. Pain and swelling are minimal, and post-operative discomfort can be managed with Tylenol in most cases. You’ll need to take only a few days off of a sedentary job, and most patients are cleared to resume exercise within 10 to 14 days following surgery. Just keep in mind that contact sports are off-limits for about 6 weeks while your chin implant continues to heal into place.

Seeing your results

The improvements made with chin implant surgery are more or less immediately noticeable. You will wear a bandage around the chin for a few days after surgery, and residual swelling may last for several weeks, but your new chin size and shape will be evident. Since chin augmentation involves an implant, your results will last, allowing you to focus on more important things than your once-weak chin.

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