Breast Implant Removal Atlanta

Do you want your breast implants removed by the experts in a safe, body positive environment? Trust the board certified plastic surgeons at The Swan Center to help you look and feel your best.

Here at the Swan Center, our goal is to help empower every patient to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful—whatever that looks like to you. While we’ve helped hundreds of women fall in love with their curves through breast augmentation, defining what makes you feel gorgeous is entirely personal (and even subject to change). If your breast implants are affecting your daily life or simply no longer fit in with your lifestyle, we are happy to work with you to determine the best breast implant removal option for you and your goals.

Should I have my breast implants removed?

There are many reasons why women may opt to have their breast implants removed, and we are happy to discuss them with you. If you think you will look and feel better after an explanation, schedule a consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons and we will come up with a customized surgical plan.

Some of the most common reasons patients give for wanting to have their breast implants removed include:

  • Breast implants no longer suit your lifestyle or aesthetic preference.
  • Your breast implants developed a rupture, leak, or capsular contracture after aging.
  • You have concerns about your health.
  • You simply no longer want breast implants.

The best candidate for breast implant removal is a patient who has done research, is sure of their decision, and is not medically contraindicated for surgery. We support your goals and will take the time to discuss every concern you may have in office. We want every surgical experience to be outstanding and pride ourselves on being Atlanta’s expert breast surgeons.

I feel beautiful and natural and my confidence in my physical appearance has completely been restored following surgery… I cannot say enough great things about the practice, and in my opinion, when doing research on plastic surgery options: look no further than the Swan Center.

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What is breast implant removal surgery like?

After you’ve decided to have your implants removed and consulted with a board certified plastic surgeon, it’s time to move forward with your procedure. Though you’ve been through it at least once before, it’s normal to feel nervous come surgery day. The good news is that the majority of our breast implant removal patients say their procedure and recovery were much more comfortable than their primary breast augmentation.

Breast implant removal is a straightforward procedure with a low rate of complication in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon. Your surgery will be performed under general anesthesia in our on-site, accredited surgical suite. Your surgeon will begin by reopening your original breast augmentation incision to minimize additional scarring and then carefully remove the breast implant. Depending on the type of removal, your surgeon will either remove a small part of the breast implant capsule (the scar tissue that naturally forms around the implant) to access the implant or remove both the implant and the capsule.

What’s the difference between en bloc capsulectomy vs total capsulectomy vs partial capsulectomy?

The removal technique recommended for your circumstances will depend on a few things:

  • Your personal preference.
  • Your natural breast tissue.
  • The size of your breast implant.
  • The capsular tissue formed around your implant.

How the capsule is removed will vary based on your unique circumstances and your surgeon’s recommendation.

  • partial capsulectomy involves removing a bit of the capsule to allow access to the breast implant and then leaving the rest within the breast pocket.
  • A total capsulectomy involves excising a portion of the scar tissue, removing the breast implant first, and then removing the remaining capsule.
  • An en bloc capsulectomy involves removing the entire capsule of scar tissue with the breast implant inside, intact and as one piece.

Our surgeons are experienced in all of these techniques and will make a recommendation based on your conversation and examination during consultation. Together, we will come up with a surgical plan that is perfect for you!

Breast implant removal recovery

After your procedure and a brief time in our recovery room, you’ll be able to return home with a designated driver. While you’ll need a little bit of help that first night, most patients switch from their prescription pain medication to an over-the-counter alternative within just a day or two. You should be able to return to non-strenuous work in about three days, as long as you avoid heavy lifting and stretching. Strenuous activity and exercise will need to be avoided for a few weeks, but you should be feeling like yourself before you know it.

What will my breasts look like after my implants are removed?

Many of our breast implant removal patients worry their breasts will look strange after implant removal. While our natural breasts may take some getting used to, most patients are quite happy with their results.

Of course, your natural breast tissue, size of your breast implants, age, and whether or not you’ve had children can impact these results—and we will take all of these factors into account when developing your surgical plan. Based on your desired appearance, a recommendation for an accompanying procedure may be made. Upon consultation, we may discuss additional options, such as a breast lift, fat transfer to the breast, or the use of tissue fillers.

Just as each of our patients is unique, every surgical plan is completely customized to your ultimate post-surgical goals. It all starts with an initial consultation. We can’t wait to take care of you!

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