Atlanta Breast Reconstruction

Being unhappy with the size, shape, or symmetry of your breasts can be frustrating, but planning your breast reconstruction doesn’t have to be. Whether you have just been diagnosed or you’ve already had a mastectomy, working closely with a supportive, experienced team can make all of the difference as you explore your options.

Here at The Swan Center, women have been trusting us to help them have beautiful breasts for decades. While we’re most famous for our cosmetic breast surgery results, we also help many women restore their breasts after mastectomy. So if you are facing the possibility of mastectomy and breast reconstruction, consider putting our aesthetic expertise to work for you.

Popular Breast Reconstruction Methods

Breast Reconstruction with Implants

Breast reconstruction with a breast implant or implants can be an addition or alternative to a TRAM flap. Breast implants can help you get more dependable results as far as shape and size. We have a full range of saline and silicone implants available for reconstruction, and will help you find just the right implants considering your needs. Note that reconstructing your breast shape with an implant alone most often requires tissue expansion.

Completing the Picture

Most women like to complete their breast reconstruction with reconstruction of the nipple and areola. There are a variety of surgical techniques to construct a nipple shape, and medical tattooing is often used as a final touch to create the appearance of an areola.

Our board certified plastic surgeons have expertise in each of these procedures, but it’s important not to get committed to one plan before you have an in-person consultation and hear about the pros and cons of each technique for your body and goals. We will be realistic and take great care to help you decide what is best for you.