Will people be able to tell I’ve had a facelift?

If you’re thinking about a facelift, you naturally have questions. Topping the list for many of our patients is, “Will everyone know I’ve had work done?” This is a legitimate concern! After all, we’ve all seen those tabloid photos of celebrities looking, well, less-than-natural after some alleged “work.” But in the hands of an expert facelift surgeon, your facelift results will leave you looking refreshed, rested, and totally natural.

Below, our Atlanta plastic surgeons share why today’s facelifts simply aren’t your grandma’s facelifts.

Modern techniques = natural looks

Much like any other medical specialty, the field of plastic surgery is always advancing. One of the biggest transformations in facelift surgery technique involves our understanding and manipulation of the SMAS layer of the face.

The SMAS—superficial musculoaponeurotic system—is a deeper layer of tissues beneath the skin and fat. Addressing not just the skin, but the entire SMAS layer, helps the lifted face to be not just tightened, but repositioned at a higher level on your bone structure. This is the essence of achieving a refreshed, youthful appearance without that pulled-back “wind-tunnel” look, since no tension is placed on the skin itself.

Setting realistic expectations for your “after”

In terms of outcomes, a facelift can turn back the clock on your appearance by about a decade. Yet even with this transformation, you will still look very much like you. This procedure is not about erasing who you are, but revitalizing your naturally unique look.

This patient underwent a mini facelift combined with an eyelid lift to achieve results throughout the face that are proportional and natural-looking.

Making a recovery plan

If you are flipping the pages of your calendar, wondering where you can fit in surgical recovery, you’ll be pleased to know that most facelift patients get back in the swing of things (work included) in about two weeks. You’ll simply need to follow your surgeon’s guidance as you gradually ease back into more strenuous activities over the course of 4-6 weeks.

In the hands of an expert facelift surgeon, your facelift results will leave you looking refreshed, rested, and totally natural.

Your surgeon’s expertise matters

When it comes to achieving subtle and natural-looking results, the surgeon’s skill is extremely important. We’re proud to share that The Swan Center’s three Atlanta plastic surgeons Dr. Joseph BauerDr. Dean Fardo, and Dr. Cristen Catignani are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and hold years of experience. With a wealth of knowledge, training, and hands-on experience, they have perfected the art and science of delivering facelift results that honor the individuality of each patient.

Take the first step today

Aesthetic trends come and go, but we remain committed to delivering lasting, natural results for our facelift patients. Whether you’re considering a full facelift, a mini facelift, or even wondering about your anesthesia options, we’re here to guide you! Schedule a consultation by calling 770-667-0904 or contacting us online today.

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