4 Beauty Tips & Treatments to Start in Your 30s

Let’s be honest—reaching your 30s is a milestone! And while there’s something empowering about this new decade, it’s also the time you might start noticing early signs of aging. Your thirties are the perfect time to invest in a simple, preventative skincare routine to help you age gracefully. Here are the 4 ways our Atlanta medspa team recommends getting started.

1. SPF every single day

There’s no beauty treatment or magic potion that can rival the protection a good SPF offers. Think of it as a beefy bodyguard for your skin: not only does it protect against the sun’s harsh rays to prevent premature aging, but daily usage can also prevent hyperpigmentation and reduce your risk of developing skin cancers! (Remember: Even when it’s cloudy or you’re indoors, those UV rays can still reach your skin and silently cause damage.)

2. Botox & Dysport

Before you make a face (pun intended!), consider this: Botox-type injectables aren’t just about eliminating wrinkles; they’re also about preventing them. Starting Botox® or Dysport® in your 30s can be a proactive approach to reduce the formation of deep lines later on, even in areas where you do not see permanent wrinkles etched into your skin just yet. Prevention is easier than reversing signs of aging. Plus, Botox is an easy appointment to slide into your cal: it’s a classic “lunchtime procedure” with no downtime needed after your injections!

Your thirties are the perfect time to invest in a simple, preventative skincare routine to help you age gracefully.

3. Silk pillowcase

If you haven’t already hopped on the silk pillowcase train, now is the time. Luxurious silk does more than just feel good—it helps to reduce the friction on your skin, which can lead to fewer wrinkles. Plus, they’re gentler on your hair, reducing breakage so you can genuinely enjoy and benefit from your “beauty sleep.”

4. Medical-grade skincare products

OTC products might have served you just fine during your 20s, but a new decade calls for a stronger investment in your skin’s health and appearance. Medical-grade skincare products are more potent and have scientifically-backed ingredients that can target specific concerns, like fine lines, uneven skin tone (think: freckles and spots), and rough skin texture. Regular use of products from science-backed brands can slow signs of aging and visibly brighten your complexion.

The membership program at The Swan Center

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