What Are Your Lips Saying About You?

swan center lips atlantaIt’s no secret that a perfect pout is one beauty wish many have. But did you know that your lips may be saying something about your personality, character, and major life events you’re going through?

Daily Makeover recently met up with Jilly Eddy, the founder of Lipsology, the art of reading and interpreting lip prints. According to Jilly, it was through a unique hobby that Lipsology was discovered. After studying and reviewing her large collection of lip prints, she began noticing patterns in the prints that directly correlated with her friends’ and family’s personalities and life events.

After interpreting the lip prints of several of the Daily Makeover staff, Jilly was able to draw conclusions about many things, including:

  • Whether a person was outspoken and bold or more of a diplomat
  • How stressful a person’s life currently was
  • If a person was more likely to experience positive opportunities in life

From describing one person’s ability to encourage others around her to a detailed account of how poorly another handled life changes, Jilly interpreted every dip, crinkle, and shape.

Whether or not your lips are the new windows to the soul is still up for debate, but we agree with one thing: your pucker can say a lot about you! Whether you dress it up with a bold color, have a signature pout or smirk, or are known for your dazzling smile, your lips play a large role in the overall harmony of your face—and they are one of the first things others notice about you.

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Read the full article and see Lipsology in action here.


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