Try These Faux Glow Tips for the Perfect Summer Bronze

How to Get Tan Without the Sun

Sitting in the sun all summer isn’t the only way to achieve luminous skin. To reduce  the risk of skin cancers and aged-looking skin, there are a number of different ways to get your glow on so you can look and feel your best!

While pool days and sun rays are the perfect way to relax, long periods spent in the sun can be fatiguing, and often more dangerous than you think. Strong ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun can alter the genetic material in the outermost layer of the skin, causing premature aging, wrinkles, sagging, skin spots, and even cancer. With the many damaging effects associated with laying out in the sun, tanning outside may not be the best option for people looking for a beautiful summer bronze. Luckily, there are a number of other ways to achieve a tan without sun.


One way to maintain a coppery glow is by using self-tanners. Many self-tanners contain DHA – Dihydroxyacetone – an ingredient often derived from various plant sources. So how exactly does DHA work? DHA causes a chemical reaction in the epidermal layer of your skin that interacts with proteins in your skin, causing the skin to darken. DHA only penetrates the first layer of skin, which is often made up of dead skin particles, making it a much safer alternative to UV tans. When applied topically, DHA is safe, and it’s approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

So where shouldn’t you apply self-tanners? Self-tanners should not be applied to open wounds or abrasions to avoid DHA interacting with deeper skin tissues. You should also avoid applying DHA products to sensitive and thin layers of skin, including the eyelids and lips.

Despite these precautions, this alternative to sun tanning is certainly less hot than sizzling in the sun. Remember, it’s much safer for you and your skin. Self-tanners will give you a deep dark look that brings the confidence boost you’re looking for!

Tinted Dry Oil

Less common than self-tanners, tinted dry oil is the most hydrating way to get a beautiful color for the summer. Although shorter-lasting than self-tanner, dry oils contain shimmering mica-based gold particles that leave your skin glistening. These particles are eco-friendly, so you can feel confident and environmentally conscious. Tinted oils work best when applied on dry skin. Using a circular motion, this shiny serum can be smoothly applied to areas like shoulder blades and arms.

Homemade Cocoa Powder & Cream

There’s nothing sweeter than saving money by making your own cocoa powder and cream concoction. With natural ingredients, this homemade tinted lotion is a great way to smell good, look good, and feel good. Start by blending cocoa powder with your favorite lotion or cream. Add more cocoa powder to achieve your desired tone. Once you’ve created the perfect blend of cream and cocoa, apply liberally all over the body and let it sit.

Not only is this option cost-effective, cocoa has a number of different benefits for the skin. To combat free radicals which speed up skin degeneration, the antioxidants in cocoa interact with and then disarm free radical molecules. Not only do the antioxidants in cocoa slow down skin aging, they can also improve its elasticity, keeping your skin tight and youthful. With only two simple ingredients, this tanning alternative is a safe and fragrant to get the perfect tan color.

Tinted Moisturizers

Tinted moisturizer is another great way to get a tan without sun. Producing a more natural look, tinted moisturizers are often used in lieu of makeup foundation. With ingredients like humectants which help to increase moisture retention, and iron oxides and titanium oxides for color, tinted moisturizers do their best to hydrate and even out skin tone. Unlike other self-tanners, tinted moisturizers are often lighter in consistency and come in a variety of different shades.

Spray Tans

For the best golden glows, spray tans are highly underrated and often overlooked. While self-tanner may be the more budget-conscious choice, spray tans are streak free and eliminate the hassle of odd tan lines.

Similar to self-tanner, spray tan solution contains the active ingredient DHA. Surprisingly, many spray tan blends also contain aloe vera, a healing aid that is found in many other beauty products.

Not only are you preventing your skin from exposure to harmful UV rays, spray tanning is instantaneous — no more sitting outside for hours to get the perfect brown color!

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