How To Lose Love Handles Fast: Best Exercises for Love Handles and More!

Our Secrets to Losing Love Handles Fast

Summer is almost officially here! Say hello to sunshine, beaches, pool parties, and your favorite bathing suits. But after a long Winter, you might be feeling a bit antsy about hitting the beach or a pool party, especially if you’re sporting some extra Winter padding in the form of love handles. But fear not! Even with beach season approaching, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our best tips for how to lose love handles fast, the best exercises for love handles, diet tips, and more!

1. Set a Realistic Goal
When you work to lose love handles, you’re going to be losing weight across the board. As such, you need to set a realistic goal when it comes to losing love handles fast. Set goals on a week-by-week basis so you can track your progress and your journey as it comes and make adjustments whenever necessary. Make sure your weight goal is something that you — with your busy schedule and life — can attain. This keeps your motivation high while also moving you closer to the ideal you!

2. Cardio
This is the foundation that supports all the best exercises for love handles. You should include 30-45 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week. In order to remain engaged and to keep your body at peak response, it’s important to switch it up. One day you might be hitting up the elliptical but the next you should be on a stationary bike and then the next day you should be on the treadmill. Like strength training (which we’ll get to), our bodies learn to adapt to the physical activities we engage in. As such, you’ll eventually hit a plateau. Switching up your cardio is key. One thing to add is HIIT (high-intensity interval training) which involves rhythmically going 120% effort and energy for 3-4 minute bursts and then a 6-8 minute cooldown at 30-40% energy. This can mean anything from walking at a pace of 3 mph for 4 minutes and then a 2-minute burst of 10 mph sprints if you can. Combine a cardio routine with strength training, and you’ll be on your way to developing an ideal way to lose love handles fast.

3. Strength Training
Building lean muscle mass is the key to losing love handles fast. When you build muscle, your body requires more energy to fuel the muscle tissues in your body — meaning that you ultimately burn more calories over time, even when you’re not exercising. Strength training is the true complement to cardio when it comes to developing the best exercises for love handles. That being said, what are the best exercises to lose love handles fast?

Running Planks — Combined strength training with cardio.

Hanging Leg Raises — Elevate yourself and bring your legs up (keeping them straight).

Russian Twists — This exercise involves twisting your body while moving your feet as little as possible. Add weights or a medicine ball for extra resistance.

Crunches — If you haven’t done crunches for a while, start slow to gradually build endurance and strength each day. Adding weights can enhance the benefit of each crunch.

4. Eat And Drink Right
A regular fitness routine is only half of the equation. Remember that your body learns to adapt to changes in your exercise routine. This means that over time, your body will eventually learn to conserve energy. This means that you need to do more than simply switch up your exercise routine. You need to also fuel your body with foods that require more energy to break down.

Cut out added sugar. Sugar results in a higher level of fat where you don’t want it. Remember, carbs such as bread and rice are also high in sugar, so limit your intake.

Healthy fats are good! Avocados and fatty fish help you feel full faster so you’ll consume fewer calories throughout the day.

Eat more proteins! Similar to healthy fats, high-protein diets can help you feel more full throughout the day.

Opt for healthier drinks. While you should stick to good old water, it can get boring. LaCroix is a popular soda alternative and for good reason. Switching out your sugary coffee for perhaps a sugar-free one or reducing the sugar added to drinks also helps you manage your sugar intake.

5. (Bonus!) Add CoolSculpting
CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared noninvasive cooling procedure for fat reduction. After all these steps — exercise and dieting — our body is able to drastically shrink the size of fat cells in our bodies; however, pockets of fat cells may remain. CoolSculpting is a safe procedure that targets fat cells, effectively killing them so that your body can naturally carry them out. Simply put, CoolSculpting is the cherry on top during your journey for effective fat reduction. If you are interested or have questions, you’re in luck! Swan Center invites you to our #BestSelf Lunch & Learn event — it’s your pass to a festive and relaxed party where you can learn more about Coolsculpting, gain access to special offers, great sample products and so much more! RSVP for FREE here!
Let’s Get Started

At some point, research can only do so much. If you want to lose love handles fast, you need to go out and just do it. From developing the best exercise for love handles to taking control of the foods you eat, the most important part of your journey is Day 1. So what are you waiting for? A happier you is right around the corner!

*Please note: all diet and exercise changes should be monitored by your physician to ensure health and safety.

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