‘Tis the Season for Plastic Surgery: 5 Reasons to Do It Now

woman in spaReady to ring in the new year looking renewed and fresh rather than tired and stressed? Even with a hectic holiday schedule, you can still put your best face forward and start the new year off right. The holidays are an ideal time to undergo plastic surgery and we’ve outlined the top 5 reasons to do it now.

#1: Don’t waste vacation days on recovery.
If yours is one of the many offices that close for several days during the holidays, there’s no need to waste precious vacation time on recovery. Simply schedule your procedure in conjunction with existing paid time off. With many procedures, some swelling and bruising is typical, so plan ahead. If you’ve got a week off for the holidays, schedule your procedure early in the week to maximize your recovery time.

#2: Start the new year off looking your best.
Get a jumpstart on your resolutions for 2015 by scheduling your procedure in late 2014. If this is your first experience with plastic surgery and you’d like to dip your toe in the water before having a larger procedure, opt for a smaller change such as a chemical peel to erase fine lines under your eyes or fillers to enhance cheek volume. A few minor tweaks can make a difference in your appearance and boost your self-confidence for 2015.

#3: Coordinate recovery with family members.
In the days following plastic surgery, it really helps to have an extra set of hands around the house. Over the holidays, there’s a good chance some of your close friends or family will also have some extra time off. This makes it easier for a spouse, friend, or relative to spend extra time helping you in the first days following your procedure—and they won’t have to take extra vacation days in order to make this happen.

#4: Ask for procedures as a Christmas gift or reward yourself.
Plastic surgery makes a great holiday gift, either from a loved one (at your request) or as a special gift to yourself. Plus, if you find yourself with extra discretionary income at the end of the year from a holiday bonus or cash gift, it might be the perfect opportunity to splurge on yourself. If your bonus isn’t enough to cover the procedures you want, talk to your provider about making a down payment and use patient financing for the rest.

#5: Cover post-surgical swelling with winter’s bulkier clothes.
Post-surgical swelling is a common side effect associated with many procedures. The good news is that winter’s naturally bulky coats, sweaters, vests, and scarves make it easy to cover up this swelling. If you prefer discretion, you can have plastic surgery without your physical appearance announcing the change to your friends and colleagues—instead, you’ll simply come back from your holiday vacation looking better than ever!

The holidays provide a welcome respite from daily life and, with a little planning, can be the perfect time for plastic surgery. We’ll help you get started on a new you and your Christmas shopping with The Swan Center’s 12 Days of Christmas specials.  If you are interested in Atlanta plastic surgery, consider making the change this holiday season and get ready to shine!

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