Nancy’s Breast Augmentation Experience

Nancy - Swan Center for Plastic Surgery - AtlantaHi my name is Nancy and I am one of the front desk receptionists at The Swan Center. I have decided to consult about having a breast augmentation procedure and hopefully having surgery at the end of this month.  I have always been a small B cup bra size of which I didn’t pay too much attention to since I was really into sports, a “tomboy” you could say and didn’t worry as much about my appearance when I was younger. As years went by, I was getting older and I started noticing girls my age were just little more developed than I was and also my clothes fit me a lot different than theirs.  Now that I am 23 years old and more into my appearance I would like to have more of a feminine appearance and feel comfortable in cute summer dresses and low cut shirts.

June  5th, 2014

Today was the day of my consultation with Dr. Fardo and it went great. I went ahead and printed out pictures I like and also ones I disliked and brought them with me so he can have a better understanding of what kind of look and size I am expecting. Katie one of Dr. Fardo’s nurses made me feel really comfortable and helped me understand how the surgical procedure is done and what to expect after surgery.  I was able to see before and after pictures on our touch MD program, which was very helpful and gave me more clarification on the different size implants I can go with. Dr. Fardo came in and took my measurements and asked me questions about my expectations and what size I am going for. I want to end up in the C cup range with upper pole fullness but then again I don’t want to be too top heavy, mind you I am  pretty petite at 5’0 and I don’t want to look like I’m tipping over LOL .  He gave me reassurance that my expectations were realistic and we decided on silicone 300cc moderate plus size implants. I liked that I was able to try on sizers during the consult and have an idea and how I would look post operatively.  I liked that everyone here made me feel very comfortable, even though I work here I will admit I am nervous but I know I am in great hands and its official my surgery is scheduled for June 25, 2014!!!!!!!

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