How to be a boss lady this back to school season: tips from The Swan Center team

In Atlanta, Back to School is not just an event, it’s a whole season. First off, it takes weeks to prep the kids, gathering the seemingly endless lists of gear and supplies. Just when it seems you can breathe a sigh of relief, it’s time to prep for beaucoup daily commitments while the seconds tick away on hectic mornings. And don’t even get us started on the traffic!

As seasoned Atlantans, our Swan Girls know a thing or two about tackling Back to School season with style and grace—and we thought we’d share our know-how with you. Here are 7 of our tips and favorite products that help us keep calm and carpool on.

Upgrade your caffeine fix


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A better wake-up drink than coffee? Is this possible? Yes, according to our Patient Care Coordinator Nancy V. Her go-to morning beverage is V8 Fusion +Energy, which offers more nutrients than your average cup of joe.

“Coffee is great for some, but I love the boost of energy I get from V-Fusion Energy Drinks. I’m getting vitamins, fruits, veggies, and much-needed caffeine. What more could I ask for?”

Stock up at or your local grocery store.

Shake your booty, change your day!


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We all know how important exercise is for a healthy mind, body, and soul, but getting to the gym can be impossible when you’re juggling carpool and after-school activities on top of everything else. Swan Center Coolsculpting Technician Cherylyn H. solves this problem by subscribing to REB3L, a high-intensity dance fitness program with online and IRL options.

“REB3L Groove is my outlet for the stresses of going back to school and balancing the schedule of being a working Momma! The workouts fit in with my crazy schedule and help me stay strong. And no packing a gym bag!”

Subscribe at or check out Dance 101 in Alpharetta for live classes.

Never a bad hair day


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With getting-ready time in short supply, something’s got to give. A great quality dry shampoo lets you skip the daily shampoo and blowout without looking like you skipped the shampoo and blowout. Our Patient Care Coordinator Cassie C. is living proof that Living Proof Perfect Hair Day is a kick-ass product—her hair always looks on point.

“I’m a Mommy who is always on the go! This dry shampoo smells amazing and gives you the perfect bounce if your hair is falling flat from a day of running around!” 

Buy it at

Everyone needs new shoes for Back to School…


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If mom’s feet aren’t happy, no one’s happy. So when Spa Manager Rachel L. found these shoes from Lulus, she was over the moon.

“From getting my family up and ready for school to the daily excitement of the office, I’m on my feet a lot. I need a comfortable and stylish shoe! In the South, we can wear a heeled sandal from March through October, and these platform sandals with a chunky heel from are super comfy and go with everything! I’ve worn them all summer. They are great with jeans, skirts, or dresses and I can go 10+ hours in them without a complaint!”

Shop the shoes at

Polish your look in a flash


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Your jam-packed back to school schedule need not show in the form of chipped, fading nail polish. Try polish from Essie, a favorite of our Master Laser Technician Nicole Y.

“With the hustle of Back to School, I try to take time for myself. I like to get a mani/pedi and relax. My favorite polish is Essie Longwear because it lasts like a gel polish but comes off as easily as a regular polish! I love the range of colors, so I can coordinate my nails with what I’m wearing.”

Find your perfect polish at

A brush with magic


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School mornings are hectic enough; you don’t need to add fussy kids to the mix. Avoid unnecessary drama in the hair department with the Original Wet Brush Detangler. It’s been a lifesaver for Front Office Coordinator Ashley B. and her little girl:

“I can’t imagine life without our Wet Brush. It makes for such easy mornings with my daughter and her long, thick hair. She will not let me use any other brush now, as this is the only one that doesn’t pull her hair when I brush it. I honestly don’t know what magic this brush holds, but I have gifted one to all of my mommy friends and they never go back!”

Buy it at

Turn around, bright eyes


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We’re all feeling a little short-changed on sleep right now, but Swan Center Spa Coordinator Kelsey H. looks as bright-eyed and refreshed as ever. Here’s her secret: a dab of Revision Skincare Teamine® Eye Complex every morning.

“Every morning I like to pull this product out of the fridge and apply it to my under-eyes. It instantly tightens and brightens, helping me look well-rested. It’s my fave!”

Get yours right here at The Swan Center! Call 770-667-0904 to place your order. You can swing by and pick it up anytime!

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