An Update on Rachel’s CoolSculpting Results

March 11th, 2014

I am 4 days post Coolsculpt procedure and this is the sorest I have been. The first two days were a breeze, with just some residual soreness and numbness but day 4 is the pits! Went to work per usual, however, had to wear flowy skirt with no cinching at the waist. I am still a little swollen also. I figured there would be some mild discomfort; Momma always told me “beauty is pain”. I have been telling patients all day about my experience thus far and that really is helping to keep me excited.

March 24th, 2014

All swelling is gone and has been for some time. Any soreness was completely gone maybe 7-8 days after procedure. I am 18 days out from Coolsculpt and call me crazy but I think I’m starting to feel results. I have been told by our aesthetician I shouldn’t even look for results until 7-8 weeks post procedure but I think my underwear is looking better on me. I am very critical of the way panties look on me so… I am hoping vast improvements are on their way! Summer will be here before I know it….

April 14th, 2014

BAM! 7 weeks later and I knew there had been BIG changes. I had made up my mind over this past weekend I would take my first set of “after” photographs because my pants were falling off my behind!
Check it out! I am absolutely thrilled!!!!! Check out that TUMMY!


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