Liposuction for Your Arms

Arm Liposuction - Swan Center AtlantaLiposuction is a safe and effective choice for removing excess fat in the arms, especially for women who want to avoid working out to the point of over-developed biceps or triceps.  Liposuction can improve both the size and the shape of your arms.

Liposuction is the removal of fat cells using an extraction technique, and recovery time is minimal. The upper arms are an excellent area to target with liposuction, and the results are long lasting.

Only through an in-person consultation can your Atlanta plastic surgeon determine whether or not you are a good candidate for arm liposuction.  The technique you and your Atlanta plastic surgeon choose for your arm liposuction procedure is an important but secondary factor to your overall satisfaction of your outcome.

Most techniques are good just so long as they are being performed by a highly qualified and skilled plastic surgeon. If you are ready to inquire about liposuction of the arms, call the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery in Atlanta today to schedule a consultation.

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