Breast Implants: Above or Below the Muscle?

Breast Augmentation Muscle - Swan Center Plastic Surgery AtlantaWith breast augmentation becoming more popular every day, woman should be making a concerted effort to inform themselves on the best practices for this procedure. A patient should be sure to equip themselves with not only knowledge about their surgeon, but also knowledge on the procedure and various methods used to achieve the goal result.

No procedure should be over-generalized, nor is there a “one-size-fits-all” approach to any procedure. In the case of breast implants, there are two basic approaches to the placement of the breast implant: over the muscle and under the muscle. Although most plastic surgeons in Atlanta and across the globe recommend placing the breast implant under the muscle for a more natural look and feel, there are some cases in which your doctor may recommend a breast implant being placed on top of the muscle.

The breast implant will typically be placed below the muscle, especially in the case of thin women or women who have very little breast tissue to cover the implant. Placing the breast implant under the muscle is ideal for concealing the breast implant ripples and offers a softer, more natural draping of the implant, while decreasing the chance of the development of capsule contracture. There is always the chance that an above the muscle technique may suit a patient’s particular needs best, so remember that only a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon can really know what approach is right for your particular anatomy!

Now that you have armed yourself with some information about breast implant placement, call today to schedule a consultation with the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery in Atlanta and Alpharetta, Ga.

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