Radiesse Use Around the Eyes

We have a lot of clients come into our Alpharetta office asking about using Radiesse around the eyes. Radiesse is certainly an excellent injectable for the naso-labial furrows (“parentheses” around the mouth) and for the corners of the mouth.  However, we do not advocate the use of Radiesse around the eyes because of the possible side effects and their long lasting nature.  The skin around the eyes is incredibly thin and fragile and the size of the needle required to insert the material can create substantial trauma and bruising the area below the eye. Because the material is so thick, it can at times be seen through thin tissue in this area.

Lumpiness became a problem with Radiesse when it was used for lip augmentation.  Most experts now recommended avoiding use of Radiesse in the lips. Many Atlanta plastic surgeons and other practitioners realize that this could be an even more significant problem around the eyes.

Radiesse is not the only injectable filler that has demonstrated the potential for problems in the area under the eyes.  Use of hyaluronic fillers is also associated with long term edema or swelling. However, these side effects can be mostly reversed with an antidote for hyaluronic fillers, but not for Radiesse.  Many wise plastic surgeons are becoming more and more conservative on the use of any filler around the eye with the exception of injectable fat used through an open “transconjunctival approach.”

Once a problem has become evident there are injections that may help dissolve the material, but there can be side effects to this type of treatment and some have not found it helpful.  Often times camouflage, massage, and cover up make-up may be the only alternatives after the deed has been done. Ultimately, complete resolution will occur but it may take a while.

Regardless of what procedure you choose to get be sure you choose a well-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.  If you’re interested in Radiesse or any other cosmetic procedure, contact our office today. You’ll be in good hands.

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