How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Balancing your facial features with rhinoplasty can help you achieve facial symmetry and enhance your appearance. But does fixing your nose also bust your budget? The truth is that many factors come into play when determining how much is a nose job in your area.

If Googling “How much is a rhinoplasty procedure?” still leaves you with many unanswered questions, keep reading to learn more about what impacts rhinoplasty cost. However, keep in mind that while procedure cost is an important consideration, it should never be the deciding factor when choosing a top rhinoplasty surgeon.

Before & After Rhinoplasty
Before & After Rhinoplasty

How Much is a Nose Job in Atlanta?

According to the medical review site RealSelf, the average price for a nose job in Atlanta is $9,291. At our practice, your rhinoplasty can range from $8,000 and up, depending on your specific needs.

Common factors that impact rhinoplasty pricing in Atlanta and surrounding areas include:

  • Your surgeon’s experience level
  • Surgical facility fees
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anesthesia costs
  • Post-procedure medications and supplies

Our pricing is always transparent and inclusive of all costs. After your complimentary consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, you will receive a complete price estimate.

Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty Cost

The surgical technique your physician chooses impacts your rhinoplasty cost—the more complex the technique, the more time and effort your surgeon must expend. An open rhinoplasty is a more challenging and complex surgery for your plastic surgeon than a closed rhinoplasty and is usually more expensive.

You can learn more about the difference between open vs closed rhinoplasty and the pros and cons of each technique in another recent blog post. At The Swan Center, your procedure is always customized to help you achieve the safest and most optimal results.

Does Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty?

Your motivation for the surgery can impact whether your procedure is covered by insurance. When rhinoplasty is performed for medical reasons, such as improving breathing function, it may be fully or partially covered by your health insurance. However, if you’re pursuing rhinoplasty strictly for cosmetic reasons, you should expect to pay out-of-pocket.

We highly recommend reviewing your insurance policy’s restrictions and pre-authorization requirements in advance. For your flexibility and convenience, we also offer rhinoplasty financing options such as CareCredit® and PatientFi to help you pay for your procedure.

Choosing a Qualified Rhinoplasty Surgeon

While cost is always an essential consideration, selecting the best surgeon for your needs is paramount. Do your homework before meeting with prospective surgeons by reading patient reviews and viewing their gallery of before and after rhinoplasty photos. During your initial consultation, ensure that you feel comfortable communicating openly with your surgeon and that all your questions and concerns are thoroughly addressed.

Schedule Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

If you’re ready to put your best face forward, we encourage you to request a consultation online, or call us at (770) 667-0904 to make an appointment. Our team will thoroughly assess your aesthetic needs and share transparent pricing details so you can confidently plan your rhinoplasty procedure!

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